Best of Awards – Spy Van – Nissan NV Cargo Van – 2500 HD High Roof in Super Black

Imagine two identical Nissan NV Cargo work vans.


One is white, with normal windows that show a hard-working, bearded and husky guy in a tan Carthartt jacket.

If we had X-ray vision, we might see a cargo area loaded with miter saws, ladders, plywood, and other tools of his trade.

The other Nissan NV is black. This one has a high roof, a 5.6-liter V8 engine, and a dark tint to the front windows. Two clean-shaven and physically fit young men pilot this van, with two more guys working in the back.

With X-ray vision, inside the black van we might see some specialized electronics, tactical cargo, or other classified materials.

Where the white van’s plywood and tools might be worth $5,000 – the black van’s cargo is a matter of national security.

When it comes to spy vans, none is better than the Nissan NV. Most of the older, black Mercedes-Benz-supplied spook vans need replacing urgently (mechanical issues) — and the full-frame V8 Nissan is far more rapid and much cheaper to procure.

Win win, it is also built in Canton, Mississippi. Win, Win win!

Three payloads of NV are offered, including the NV2500 HD and 3500HD for when the assignment is seriously demanding.

Whatever you do, please do not knock to say hello if you spy a black NV parked out front!

2014 Nissan NV – Exteriors

2014 Nissan NV – Interiors

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