2014 Audi Q7 TDI S-line Plus – Buyers Guide with Galleries, Specs and Pricing

The 2014 Q7 TDI is a very compelling option versus the other supercharged V6 gasoline engine options available on this luxury seven-seater in American Audi dealers.

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There basically are no downsides – only benefits – to choosing this Clean Diesel engine.

– Huge torque advantage, 406 pound-feet from from just 1750 rpm.

– Big efficiency advantages on paper and in real life.

– Just as quick as 3.0T models at 7.7-seconds to 60-mph.

—- (But down 1.0 seconds versus the 3.0TFSI S-Line with 333 horsepower versus 280 for 3.0T)

– Optional air suspension a TDI and TFSI exclusive option, not offered on base 3.0T models

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The only downside, of course, is remembering to fill it up with the right fuel, and changing your gas-station habits a bit.

Overall, this is still a plush and useful hauler that can tow confidently and comes standard with a huge variety of cool technology from about $60,000.

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New-for-2014 is the S-line Plus package, whichis almost a total brightwork ‘Delete.’

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Gloss black window surrounds,sill extensions, fender flares, grille and wheels complete the transformation, and the package still makes one tough and rich-looking truck.

On the other side of the styling accessories range, the Off-road package does change the look of the Q7 quite markedly, and will also help protect the lower body when playing Dakar out in the desert somewhere.

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