2014 Scion iQ Glams Up With Two-Tone Styles. But Base Looks Best

The Scion iQ is still not a frequent sight in urban centers, two years since its arrival for American buyers. Why is this?

For the new year, all iQ’s bring toughscreen controls for the center console.

Overall, the iQ at $15,000 new is still a very ingenious package versus the much pricier, worse-driving and far less fashionable Smart Fortwo.

The key difference for the iQ is width: this is as wide as any normal Corolla on the roads – which does wonders for driver confidence even on the U.S. highways.

The 2014 iQ gets a tasty new grey paint finish and LED emblems as part of the Scion 10 Series of models, with other highlights inside.

A Monogram finish is also available to dress up the base, $15,500 versions of this innovative city car.

Whisper it, but the regular iQ is the best-looking of the bunch to these eyes.

The EV is a tiny bit snazzier with a black-roof appearance that really cleans up the mini car’s appearance – from the sides and back.

From the front, the EV model is not the most exciting face in the iQ range, and desperately needs some larger wheels.

2014 Scion iQ

2014 Scion iQ Monogram Series

2014 Scion iQ 10 Series

2014 Scion iQ EV

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