Tempted? Superformance 1966 Ford GT40's Are Virtually Flawless

These two devils play a wicked trick on the brain at first sight.

Their unique blend of original and modern Ford GT cues really sets them apart on the roads – even when that giant V8 is not howling away.

Priced from $150,000 each, these are recreations of Ford GT40 LeMans-winners.

But these cars have a few aces up their sleeve to make up for their lack of pure vintage credibility: speed, presence, and ease of use.

They are also easier to drive on the street, with updated emissions and other helpful concessions to road use.

The sense of occasion will also be second to none. Imagine taking one of these cars to church or out on a coffee run!

Stay tuned for some upcoming news featuring real, race-winning Ford GT40’s that are currently for sale. Original versus recreation?

Each has its merits, but for ultimate street-able kudos: the Superformance cars are hard to beat for presentation and a very fun-to-drive nature missing from the race cars.


Red – 1966 Ford GT40 by Superformance – Hemmings Classifieds

Orange – 1966 Ford GT40 by Superformance – Hemmings Classifieds

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