2015 Toyota Supra Turbo: Hiding in Plain Sight? Evolution + Renderings

Has the upcoming 2015 Toyota Supra Turbo been hiding in plain sight this whole time? In the decade since the last Supra, the speculation has never stopped.

The latest buzz indicates Toyota may be bringing a near-production example of the Supra to the Detroit show next month.

This is exciting – even if the name starts with FT — Toyota-speak for wild concepts.

Over the past few years, dozens of speculative renderings have appeared all across the car guys universe.

All of these are hopelessly dated, however, and do not seem like a Future Toyota – to us at least.

What about the Bullfinch rendering? Or BoldRide’s LFA/Supra renderings?

No, it is highly unlikely for the Supra to adopt either of these design languages.


The white FT-HS hybrid targa concept is exciting, but not right for this price point or buyer demands.

It also resembles a garden shovel from the front, which is not terrific.

The shared chassis of the Toyota GT86 is, in fact, the most likely guidebook to the next Supra. A few key things:

– GT86 engine compartment (may) not be able to fit a Toyota V6 (of any kind).

– Inline-six most likely

– With a more dramatic roof chop, the Supra is most likely to share almost all key styling elements with the GT86, and especially a few concepts that presaged the GT86.

– Longer, lower and wider Scion FR-S Concept (not production car) is odds-on favorite for how the Supra will look.

– Toyota Vision GranTurismo previews the silhouette of their concept in the game.

– This is likely to resemble the Supra for marketing reasons

What does all this leave us? Very little. But here are some speculative renderings anyway.


And now the full FR-S Concept Gallery


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