2014 BMW 428i and 435i Make Beautiful, Practical Convertibles

BMW’s long, low and wide new 4-series is hitting its stride.

Of course, the 4 drop-top replaces the previous 3-series convertible line as BMW links its sportiest models with even number badges.

Overall convertible sales have fallen off a cliff in the American market in the last few years.

Even so, it is not immediately clear if this is a structural change in buyer preferences, a short-term economic side-effect, or if there simply were not the same volume of cheap and dreadful Chrysler Sebrings to prop up the sales numbers.

Even “the hot girls” like Jillayne from my high school would not be caught dead in a new Sebring, even though it was cool enough for the late 1990s. Even with choices between Thrifty-specification vinyl tops up to a folding steel roof, the LeBaron legacy is finished.

The cars on sale in 2012 had the same nasty scuttle shake and transmission ticks that defined Chrysler corp products from the K-car through the Daimler take-over.


But the BMW 428i is a million miles from the dreadful bargain convertible hell. With solid rigidity and space in back for real adult humans – the BMW cabrio is a dream car for many.

Pricing is up dramatically with the latest technology included as standard, but even with mid-$50,000 pricing, there is real joy and value from piloting this so-chic sports car.


2014 BMW 428i and 435i Convertible – Exterior


Interior accommodation also takes a big step forward, however, with ultra-strong new seats with integrated seat-belts, a coupe-like feel with the top up, and a practical trunk that even tends with a folding back seat base.

All these features are relatively impressive and important for cabrio shoppers, who otherwise have to sacrifice practicality in the name of style.

2014 BMW 428i and 435i Convertible – Interior

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