2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Style Reset Leaves BMW 528Xi Out Cold

A hard reboot?

The “Microsoft recommended solution” – aka ripping the plug from the wall?

Factory settings reset?

The new E-Class is so hot.

It is as if a paper-clip poked the Mercedes design reset brain for ten seconds consecutively,  triggering a full reboot from core system files.

Of course, the most noticeable and memorable part of a pretty car is the nose.

This new soft graphic is now looking beautiful from its thrummy E250 base configurations, through the rich E350 sedans, wagons and coupes, on to the E400 Hybrid and E550 4MATIC.


All the way up to the AMG Hammer if you have the loot.

The list goes on to coupes and cabriolets as well. Definitely worth a click over to MBusa.com.

LED-illuminated Front Star – Video

Focus here is on how stunning and photogenic the 2014 E250 Sedan and E350 Wagon are. Is it just me? ‘Merc’ – pronounced “merk” – was never a fit for me until last year.

It was off brand.

Even if I had money for a $95,000 luxury machine, my eyes would be firmly on Porsche, BMW, perhaps Audi, or something else entirely.

But not an E350 Wagon – which is now my Cool Dad Q-Car of the Year.

I love the enchanted LED and laser-lighting cubes under each lamp glass, the arc of yellow indicator blocks, the giant Star, the lower detailing.

It just instantly dates the BMW 5-series line drastically, right from the bottom of the $51,000 E-Class pricing. The BMW 520i or 528Xi at those prices is barely handsome or memorable up front – by comparison – unfortunately.

More updated 5-series (plus Lexus GS and Infiniti Q50) news coming soon to fight off this newly-stylish big hit from Mercedes-Benz.

Q-Cars do not come much cooler than this wagon.


2014 Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC Wagon – Gallery

2014 Mercedes-Benz E250 Sedan – Gallery

2014 Mercedes-Benz E400 Hybrid – Gallery

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