Video: Carrara White Rolls-Royce Wraith in Action

Worth recalling is that Wraith is *scary* fast, with only a soft woof and gurgle from up front to warn you that warp drive is engaged. Hang on.

The music in this first one is via YouTube licensing, and hopefully shows the beauty of Wraith in motion.

Full screen and 1080p High-Definition should enhance the experience. These photos are amazing, and are meta-tagged with Vienna and James Lipman, who we can only assume is a famous photographer.

Hat tip to brilliant snapper Mr. Lipman!

GIF City, USA … is no Vienna, Austria

This next one is a silent old GIF. It is downloadable like a regular image, simply right-click the file and choose where to save it!

My latest thinking on GIFS: only a 1-second interval is okay to watch. Anything quicker just causes brain confusion. For these eyes, at least.

RR Wraith Carrara White Animated GIF9999 Click to open, right-click to download

Wraith is for sale now, with about a six-month waiting list growing longer daily. Not quite sure why the background is lavender, but it looks nice.

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