2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Visualizer – Every Paint Color and Wheel Style

The 2014 Stingray is an incredible sports car with the interactive handling and playful engine harmonics of the best supercars.


This is coming from an import-driving, turbo-loving guy who has never even liked the Corvette before this year, let alone wanted to own one.

The Stingray just proves it case on the roads.

It drives so well, is so fast, and also versatile with a removable targa panel that fits inside that big trunk.

The all-new cockpit with has premium tech and materials. (Seriously!)

So, if the Corvette Stingray is so good: what about its old-man designs for the last few decades?

For 2014, the Stingray’s style is really mature, elegant and functional.

It takes time to appreciate the special aero-optimized shapes of the nose, but the wild creases of the fenders and door-line are pure science fiction.

Yet another benefit of the Corvette’s ‘temporary’ fiberglass bodyshell solution.

The quickest way to show you are young and hip with the Corvette is to choose the dark wheel option.

My personal preference these days is for white cars, and the Stingray looks amazing with white paint and dark rims.

The contrast-black of the carbon-fiber targa panel and other dark slashes in the styling really gel nicely in white.

The dark greens and grey colors might really look nice with some aftermarket wheels, or just a Plasti-Dip of the OEM wheels to make them more on-trend.

But he who has the dough makes the rules. So pick your favorite and get that deposit in!

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