CarRevsDaily – Status Updates and New Menu’s

CarRevsDaily – Status Updates and New Menu – TomBurkart – RoadAtlanta Petit Le Mans

Hey guys!

CarRevsDaily is coming along pretty nicely. We are exactly 12 days into this project, and are thrilled to report:

  • successful Google Analytics integrationall new 16-core server package to increase site performance, security, and cloud-based global regional loaders for desktop and mobile

    • successful Google AdSense integration for display, video and mobile ads.  (This is great news – and we are working on fixing those ‘blank spaces’ in the page reading layout pronto)

  • semi-functional social links (some bad code on end of URL’s some times) via Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and many more

  • YouTube embeds seem to be working flawlessly

  • Writing process is pretty easy, publishing a snap

Less thrilled to report:

  • site performance and loading times are still … in need of big improvement

  • navigation is messy, and the page itself is really long. we are working on this issue.

  • many other issues with layout and overload of social links

CarRevsDaily – Status Updates and New Contacts Page for Press and Social Streams

Please keep us on your radar via subscriptions, bookmarks and social links!

Cheers – TomBurkart – Blackhawk Farms Raceway with Drake my dog.jpg

Tom Burkart is the founder and managing editor of, an innovative and rapidly-expanding automotive news magazine.

He holds a Journalism JBA degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Tom currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his two amazing dogs, Drake and Tank.

Mr. Burkart is available for all questions and concerns by email Tom(at)

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