2018 Range Rover VELAR World Debut w/Video

Hey handsome!Check out the latest and greatest Range Rover in history: the new VELAR!  The RR Velar is another genius product that fits the five-seat super-sport SUV niche.  Yes, there was open space for new customers above the Evoque bu below the seven-se... --->>> More
wimmer ktm xbow gt

KTM X-Bow GT By WIMMER Is Nearly Unbeatable With 485HP

 The KTM X-Bow is easily one of the most interesting and coolest track car designs to appear in the last 15 years. But major critiques of the car have arisen regardless. Its carbon tub and frame make the car's handling, some say, too benign and its power deliv... --->>> More
xboq rr gif

2015 KTM X-Bow RR Is 400HP of Race-Ready Track Speed

The HTM X-Bow RR is a custom-created version of the X-Bow GT and X-Bow R designed to beat all others in the one-make 'Crossbow' Battle. The one-make racing series puts the KTM dash-board mantra into action --- you must be Ready To Race! Sure, the RR is not ... --->>> More