2018 Genesis G90 5.0 V8 RWD – Road Test Review

Here's the secret in full-size limos from the premium brands: they are all pretty splendid to drive and have in your life.The speed and road presence alone of driving a land-yacht of a vehicle is enough to earn serious respect on the road.And they all ... --->>> More

2018 Genesis G80 Sport RWD – Road Test Review

G80 Sport has the dark, sporty and sinister makeover of our dreams.  This luxury sport sedan has been a popular favorite among CRD writers around the country in the last few years.We’ve watched the brand go from a fledgling offshoot to a stand-alone divisi... --->>> More

2018 Genesis G80 Sport AWD – HD Road Test Review

Imagine you really love a new luxury sedan for its stellar platform, proportions and sporting potential.   This car is genuinely large versus its mid-size rivals in the $40k-60k segment.But you have specific high-performance needs for every inch of the veh... --->>> More

2017 Genesis GV80 SUV Concept Makes Surprise NY Debut

Genesis is engineering a fleet of SUVs to rival the best in the world.   This is our first look at their vision for a $50k midsize SUV about the size of an X5.The GV80 is mostly a design study and showcase of what is coming to the realworld.  For that purp... --->>> More