2017 Rolls-Royce DAWN – Bespoke Inspired By Fashion

  The Dawn might be the best Rolls-Royce yet! Stunning grace and top-down proportions.  Swapping the Wraith’s heavy, buttressed roof lightens the look of the car dramatically.  The tail of the Dawn is then perfect for a perfectly horizontal tonneau cover and trunklid.  Truly elegant. This Inspired By Fashion creation is from the RR Bespoke team.  Andalusian white paintwork is a shimmery spectacle in bright sunlight.  THe cabin wears blue silk detailing featuring a profile headshot of the Spirt of Ecstacy.  So, looking at her from the side, that is. Little details, of course.  But the roof in bright blue is a strong statement piece year-round.   2017 Rolls-Royce DAWN – Inspired by Fashion You May Also Like:2015 Rolls-Royce WRAITH Inspired By Fashion Edition Is Two-Tone White With Color Pinstripe The English factory floor has never looked so good, or so bright! The new Wraith Inspired By Fashion Edition is …

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2016 Jaguar XJ Carves $3B China Skyroad in Plush, Superlux Fashion!

Who loves grand infrastructure projects? We all do, on some level. But the engineering, cost and sheer complexity of many mountain road projects make them cost-prohibitive for all but the grandest planners. Luckily, China and Jaguar are both chock full of the passion and budget to innovate. In the case of the Paxi Expressway in the Sichuan province, this meant building a modern expressway through mountain passes that have been limited to rural, often-unpaved hiking trails for the last 3000 years.  Since 2010, though, the infusion of a million man-hours of prep, and perhaps a billion hours of collective labor, has created a road like no other anywhere else in the world. Where there were peaks in the way, they blasted and excavated 30 huge, modern tunnels through to the other side.  And where the mountainsides were too narrow or steep to hold the multilane expressway, the cleverness really kicked …

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Dream Garage – Superformance LOLA MkIII Can-Am Spyders

2014 Superformance LOLA MkII Can-Am Spyder at Olthoff Racing12

Lola racecars are extremely special for their value-for-money today, racing pedigree, and also their incredibly timeless grace and beauty. This was a racing team directly formed in the late 1950s with one goal: build a car from scratch to win LeMans. The resulting semi-monocoque chassis design – now known as a unibody – was revolutionary at the time of frame-based racers from nearly every other racing company and nearly every single road car. A semi-monocoque? Oh yes. The other part is also pretty advanced for the time: a steel spaceframe for the engine and rear suspension cradle. In fact, the Lola GT Mk 6 formed the basis for the Ford GT40 as well as campaigning across a half-dozen racing series itself. In fact, the Ford GT40 spin-off was originally developed in-house (at Lola) by Ford guys on a one-year contract partnership with Lola.   Stunning, right? Okay: Back to the …

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Want to be an Auto Journalist? Special Contributors, Snappers and Reviewers Needed

We are looking for a few new contributors to join the five-man team here at Car-Revs-Daily.com. Writing and producing automotive news content is AWESOME — but breaking through and being published anywhere is not easy. The best way to become a top auto journalist is to just start doing it.   Become a published auto writer via Car-Revs-Daily.com. If you are a photographer, writer, car-nut, traveler — we want to hear from you.  Catch your dream and start publishing your coolest photos, articles, and adventures!   Custom cars, motorcycles, trucks and planes are all fair game.  Military vehicles and boats?  Sounds good too.   We will handle the formatting initially — but publish in your name. You can link to your social profiles, build up your body of work… and maybe even become the next Clarkson. I promise: you will re-read your articles over and over the first time they hit the web. It …

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Concept Debrief – 1972 Maserati Boomerang by GIUGIARO – Leading Wedge Hypercar

  The wedge. This design mantra took over the minds of the world’s top stylists collectively around 1970 – as the Ferrari 512 S Module and the Lancia Stratos HF Zero concepts swept everyone to accept the shape. The design was the ultimate expression of mid-engine hypercar engineering of the time. In wind tunnels of the day, the goal was to have as little front surface area as possible. Something like a rocket for the road. Ferrari 512 S Modulo at Atlanta Dream Cars exhibit http://www.car-revs-daily.com/2014/06/10/dream-cars-1970-ferrari-512s-modulo-pininfarina/       Lancia Stratos HF Zero at Atlanta Dream Cars exhibit http://www.car-revs-daily.com/2014/06/10/dream-cars-1970-lancia-stratos-hf-zero-by-bertone/ Wind tunnels in this era were largely the last step of a design – mostly to flag any huge turbulence issues. The sophisticated computer modelling of today was just a twinkle in the DoD and NASA’s eye at the time, so the intuition of a designer often led the day. But …

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Concept Flashback – 1969 Abarth 2000 Coupe Speciale by Pininfarina

This photoshoot recalls Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous to me, but the car under her is not half bad either.  The Abarth 2000 Coupe Speciale by Pininfarina explored a doorless wedge design with forward-hinged full glass canopy. Shrouded and integrated lamps in front were also fairly revolutionary for the time — and a cue that would be adopted by supercars by the mid-1970s.     1969 Abarth 2000 Coupe Speciale by Pininfarina You May Also Like:Concept Flashback – 1969 Abarth 2000 Coupe Speciale by Pininfarina     All these silly model poses! They remind me of Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous, but that might just be me.        Concept Flashback – 1969 Ferrari 512S Coupe Speciale by Pininfarina in Leopard Onesie… This car is RARE! Of course, many concept cars were one-off creations for a specific auto show or other event. And many more are not actual cars …

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HD First Drive Review – 2015 Audi A3 1.8T Sedan

 The Audi A3 family is pretty massive for 2015 – with the new sedan just the first in the offensive that will include the A3/S3 Cabrio, A3 Sportback and Sportback Hybrid, an S3 sedan and even the Q3 mini SUV. So there is a lot riding on this compact exec’s shoulders – not least a worry that it might be overpriced and under-amazing. But that is not the case in the slightest. What we discovered after flogging Audi’s latest machine around Lake Lanier, Georgia last week is a fun, peppy car with outstanding driving characteristics, very intuitive steering, and a contender for world’s-best-transmission in the S-tronic seven-speed DSG. But most of all, we were thrilled by the A3’s interior design – which fathfully carries Audi’s well-earned cabin reputation and even enhances it with the latest MMI touch controls down below and the slide-up TFT panel in the low-cowl dash shape. …

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2017 Cadillac XT5 in NY Fashion Week Fly-By! First Photos of SRX Crossover Replacement

  Cadillac has taken its high-culture ambitions to new heights!  A partnership launch gala with fashion-focused Public School in New York was topped off last night by a helicopter-assisted fly-by of the 2017 XT5 SUV. Replacing the unloved by most — but driven by General Motors CEO Mary Barra — SRX crossover, the XT5 is sorely needed in the Cadillac range. Battling the Lexus RX350 and BMW X5, the XT5 is a critical missing addition to the next-gen Cadillac range. Despite the proliferation of mini SUVs, Cadillac has largely missed the boat. So it took a helicopter instead? Perhaps. This new XT5 looks extremely promising. All-new exteriors and interiors are fresh and cutting edge — blending Escalade levels of masculinity with CT6 luxury and efficiency. This new model’s pricing and engines are not yet known, but are likely to include a base 2.0-liter turbo four from the CTS for the …

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2015 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ 1/2 Ton 4WD Review

2015 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ 4WD White Diamond Tricoat 73

 suburban evo compressed gif


American brand icons do not come much more glorious than Chevy. In the automotive realm, Chevrolet has been a constant throughout the last 100 years.

A powerhouse in the General Motors stable, Chevrolet has seen off dozens of business lines and market segments. Divested in favor of keeping Chevy healthy, GM left the heavy trucks business altogether and dropped half its brand portfolio in the last ten years. Thus, the recent history of the firm has been shaken up more this century than the ten preceding decades.

But the results speak for themselves. Never in my lifetime has Chevy made better vehicles. Cars and trucks to be proud of owning, and models that objectively and subjectively match the quality, style and features of anything else worldwide. True story.


The icon of Chevrolet for most people is the truck line. Imagine a world where Chevy could only keep making one car. That is it. Which model would you pick to evolve through year 2100?

Many people would choose the Suburban. The “Chevrolet One Ton Commercial Truck” can do it all.

Who does not have an awesome Chevy Suburban memory? Growing up, we did not have enough kids to need such a brute, but all the coolest families had a series of Chevy’s best throughout my time in the Chicago burbs.


Taking Chevy back to respectability, let alone true competitiveness, has been an enormous challenge. But one the firm has met head-on.

The all-new 2015 Suburban is still a proud crown jewel for all American industry. Totally redesigned with all-new platform, folding third row and massively more comfortable cabin — the Suburban is the best truck it has ever been.

A brief spin in the 2015 LTZ 4WD proves the Sub is still on top of its game. Huge and flexible, strong and capable — yet now also posh and fashionable!?

Another true story.

The LTZ 4WD carries a base price of $65,000 and makes almost no sacrifices versus its GMC Yukon, Denali and Cadillac Escalade siblings.

The Chevy’s appeal versus fancier chums is its brand legacy and lack of pretension. This is a truck for getting it done, not showing it off.

But everyone wants to look good, and this LTZ adds $10k in mostly functional but also fashionable upgrades. $1000 White Diamond Tri-Coat paint is right out of the Escalade parts bin and looks gorgeous, while the charcoal 22-inch wheels for $3000 extra are HOT and totally transformative for the Sub’s style. Cocoa leather is gorgeous in here, while the moonroof is small but nice for bringing light into the front cabin.

Magnetic Ride Control is an LTZ exclusive for Chevy, while the cabin tech and touchscreens are easier to operate than the Escalade’s — yet lacks only a few Caddy features.

The key missing elements no Suburban offers, as far as we can tell, are two:

— power running boards

— the 6.2-liter V8 engine from the Escalade and top Denali models

Will you miss these? Perhaps. We did. But only because we know they exist elsewhere.


Also missing from the roster of 2015 Suburbans — or their 2016 counterparts in a few months — is the new eight-speed automatic rolling out on the Escalade. If you want to get picky, the Sub also lacks bi-xenon or LED headlamps for low or highbeams.

Detail elements, perhaps, but ones you too might miss when spending $75k on a full-size SUV.

On the road, the Suburban is easier to drive than you would ever expect.

Yet even with MRC shocks, we missed the new Ford Expedition EL Platinum’s fun handling balance on the road. The LTZ Suburban feels powerful without a full cabin or a trailer in back, but is less confident (and less fun) when driven pushed hard than some competitors. Will this matter to you in normal family transport duties? Not really, but good to know.


2016 Chevrolet Suburban Updates


(GBE) Crystal Red Tintcoat exterior color is no longer available
(GBN) White Diamond Tricoat exterior color is no longer available
(IO3) AM/FM stereo with CD player audio system

New Features

(G1E) Siren Red Tintcoat exterior color
(G1W) Iridescent Pearl Tricoat exterior color
(UHS) Re-configurable cluster (Multi-color enhanced graphic)
(UV6) HUD (Head Up Display)
(TQ5) IntelliBeam headlamps
(UHX) Lane Keep Assist


(PCW) Enhanced Driver Alert Package – Now includes (JF4) Power-adjustable pedals, (UEU) Forward Collision Alert, (TQ5) IntelliBeam headlamps, (UHX) Lane keep assist and safety alert seat
(D07) Console, floor, with storage area-SD card reader has been removed from inside center console
(IO5) Audio system replaces (IO3) Audio system as the standard radio for 1LS trim
(U2M) SiriusXM Satellite Radio with HD has been replaced by two separate RPO Codes; (U2K) SiriusXM Satellite Radio and (U2L) HD Radio
(UTT) Now also includes liftgate shield
(UHX) Land keep assist, replaces (UFL) Lane departure warning
All trims come standard with capless fuel fill

It is a thrill to see the Sub back on top for 2015. This exact trim, color and option set is the Suburban we would pick for ourselves if in the market. White Diamond Tricoat is being replaced for 2016 with the as-yet-unseen Iridescent Pearl Tricoat, which is a similar brilliant white but with more flashes of color in the sunlight.

Until then, we proudly crown the 2015 Suburban LTZ with the crown of the best Chevrolet SUV in a long line of super-stars. The Chevrolet Truck continues to define American engineering, design and industry to this day.


2015 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ 1/2 Ton 4WD






2015 Chevrolet Suburban Interior featuring Power Fold Flat Seats