2017 KIA Soul Turbo – HD Road Test Review + Video

The Kia Soul is a runaway  success.It is the best-selling global Kia vehicle in the brand's history.  And it has outlasted its Nissan Cube or the Scion xB box-car rivals in the marketplace by being better.This acclaim is perhaps why the Soul still wear... --->>> More

Best of NYIAS – 2017 Toyota FT-4X Concept

Welcome to Toyota getting hip with the kids!Since Scion was politely folded into the Big T proper, there are many products in the pipeline that still embody that wacky Scion spirit.The FT-4X is one of those, and looks set for arrival to showrooms withi... --->>> More

Road Test Review – 2016 Buick REGAL GS

 We want to love the Regal GS. Its looks are crisply European, as is its dashing corner grip and unflappable high-speed poise.  But remember the old Pirelli slogan "Power is nothing without Control" ?Well, the Regal GS inspires a flip in that phra... --->>> More