4.0s, 400HP Jaguar I-PACE Concept – Design Analysis: Is It Sexy?

The Jaguar I-Pace has a hard name to overcome.  And when it was first shown in silver, it had a mountain to climb for good style, too. Too generic EV, they said.

FastForward two months and the I-Pace is back in striking red paint with dark details.  More fitting, perhaps, for the first credible Model X rival.

Going full electric for the i-pace means the proportions are radically rethought.  Yes, this is crossover territory, but with a chopped (and hard to digest) nose and nonexistent overhangs.  A lower roof and much lower ride height than F-Pace.  But looking wide as XJ and quite short.  Curious, indeed.  It is a fine line between crossovers, tall wagons and jacked-up hatchbacks.  Let’s be generous and call this a low-roof crossover.

Best to take a closer look before rushing to judgement on the i_pace, then?

Hopefully we’ll be able to type it rapidly by the time the car arrives in showrooms mid-2018.  It is a sure thing for the US market, with initial launch volume sent straight to California.

Will it be any good, and anywhere near as good as Tesla’s are versus Priuses?  (Yes, there is a huge gap..)

We hope so.  The performance with 700 pound-feet of torque and 350-mile range sounds exciting.  A giant 90 KwH battery pack is tucked into that widetrack chassis.

Here are 70 photos of the I-PACE to help us make up our minds on the most important question.  Is it sexy?

Our conclusion after spending time editing each angle?


If you were driving this on the road today it would get more looks than a flaming, neon Lambo.

On to this future Jag!


The nose from dead ahead seems to be I-Pace’s biggest weakness.  It just looks awkward.

And the name.  Dear God, the name.

Fix those two things and we’re golden.


Jaguar I-PACE Concept


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