2017 BMW M4 Competition Pack Convertible – First Drive Photos/Video

Inviting some hate with this string of VERY hot and desirable cars!

While rocking the absolutely astounding 2017 Q60S Red Sport 400 from Infiniti as my test car, I found myself behind the wheel of a car costing $18k more.  And wearing bright Alpine White over gloss black of the BMW M4 Competition Package.

Added bonus?  This is the folding hardtop!

Such a joyful drive.  With the top down, you can really immerse yourself in the popping and snarking quad pipes of the race exhaust.  The spider-spoke alloys off the M4 GTS looks impossibly large in the M4's flared, flexing fenders. And the M-DCT double-clutch automatic is fascinating in its range of smoothness or savage, race-ready gearshifts.

We even started to love the silhouette of the M4 Convertible with its top up!  The lack of B-pillar creates a very special style with all the windows down.  Heated seats, wheel and neck warmer are immensely powerful, by the way, and let you go topless even when it's a bit nippy.

This machine stickers at $76k with many options.

Here is quick walk-around and hardtop demonstration video, plus 30 stellar photos of the car.


2017 BMW M4 Competition Pack Convertible

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