2016 Volkswagen ID Concept

This is it!

A near-production EV platform that VW will take global in three dozen flavors.

Promising tech and ambition for a company still neck-deep in trouble.

Some elements of the ID are more production-ready than others.  Details like the shrouded mirror-cams and roof sensor pods are actually farther out than the core architecture.

The ID EV runs a flatpack battery and spaceframe chassis, a la tesla, but with a price that is hopefully a bit more Model 3 than Model S.

The cabin is now enormously roomy for a Golf-length car.  Slightly formless elements of the design are aero-dynamic dictates.  But even so, there is a shapely elegance to the umbrella glasshouse and GTI-like rear flanks.  We love the fastback LED lightbar under the back spoiler too!

Lofty predecessors are writ large behind the ID on display for the first time in Paris.  Let’s hope VW’s might will take all EVs in a better direction.


2016 Volkswagen ID Concept


Sep 29, 2016

The I.D. concept car will become the first Volkswagen built off the Modular Electric Drive kit (MEB). It is due to go on sale in 2020, with a range of up to 373 miles

  • The first Volkswagen in a completely new fleet of highly innovative electric vehicles, based off  the Modular Electric Drive kit (MEB)
  • Immediately recognizable as a zero-emissions vehicle thanks to a newly developed design DNA for electric cars
  • Uses a 168-horsepower electric motor and has a range of between 249 and 373 miles on a single battery charge
  •  Interior offers an entirely new experience thanks to the Open Space concept
  •  Launch will happen in 2020
  •  Concept gives first tangible glimpse of fully automated driving, a mode that will be offered from 2025 onwards
  • Multifunction steering wheel retracts into the dashpad  in fully automated mode (“I.D. Pilot”)
  • Volkswagen has set itself the goal of selling a million electric cars a year by 2025


Think New. – Volkswagen sets a course for the future

Wolfsburg / Paris, September 2016. Volkswagen is embarking on its journey to the future at the Paris Motor Show with the world premiere of the visionary I.D., a highly automated electric car that will be able to cover a distance of 249 to 373 miles on a single battery charge. The production version of the I.D. is due to be launched in 2020 at a price on a par with comparably powerful and well-equipped Golf models. Volkswagen is looking even further ahead with this concept car: in “I.D. Pilot” mode, it is capable of fully automated driving, a technology that should be ready for series production in 2025. Volkswagen has also set itself the goal of selling a million electric cars a year by 2025 and the production version of the I.D. will make a decisive contribution towards this ramp-up of e-mobility.

Volkswagen has made electric mobility and fully automated driving conspicuous with its innovative exterior design language and with the interior, too: the conventional driving environment has been transformed into the interactive center of a mobile lounge, or a supremely versatile Open Space. The spaciousness of this area and the intuitive, clear functionality allow you to experience mobility in a completely new way.

The I.D. represents the world  “the day after tomorrow”. But the latest generation of the e-Golf, with a zero-emissions range of up to 186 miles (on the European cycle) and new gesture control, will be on the road “tomorrow”. The world of “today” is also visible in state-of-the-art Volkswagens like the new Tiguan, which launched interior digitalization with its Active Info Display and head-up display. The Tiguan, the e-Golf and the I.D. concept car together point the way from the present to the future on the Volkswagen booth.

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