2016 Lexus GS-F – HD Road Test Review – F*** YES!

Nothing prepares you for the GS-F.

Even after weeks of heated anticipation, the GS-F’s arrival out front dropped jaws. And whipped heads around with its sonics for anyone within a mile radius of the highest-performance Lexus four-door of all time.

The GS-F introduction for the 2016 modelyear joins a comprehensive GS revamp of the tech, style and powertrains up and down the lineup.

A new turbo four kicks off a nine-strong model range as the GS200t, while and this monster 467HP V8 tops the broad new GS offering.  F Sport upgrades for the GS200t, GS350 and GS450h are all available, with the middle powertrains even offering AWD.

The GS-F is really the main event, however.  It is the halo super-sedan to rival the M5 and E63 that Lexus fans and owners have been craving for years now.

Is Lexus’s bold attack on those fearsome rivals effective?

Read on, friends!

We loved this GS-F so much that it collected nearly 25-gigabytes of data during our week together.  Drowning in GORGEOUS photos of the car, we’re trying to get our total pics and videos included here to about 120 in all, with the main (and ultra FAST) drive video the only one of five included in this full review.  For video or DSLR superfans, though, be sure to check out the previous two GS-F posts to see a walkaround and LED blinker demo, exhaust startup and drive-modes comparison videos.   Plus, at least two other photo locales versus the never-before-seen shots included in this article.


Hang on tight.  We’re about the blast off!


How wicked is the GS-F in this caviar black paintwork?

How dark is its black chrome, exposed-weave carbon-fiber and anthracite accents all around?

Black as blindness, almost.

This car is seriously sexy up close.  From even ten paces, and especially on the move, however, the GS-F is simply a new and much meaner breed of Lexus than any to come before.  RC-F and IS-F included!

So dark, in fact, that we took mostly Nikon DSLR flash photography to bring out its dark details — even in bright, midday tropical sunshine!

The looks of the GS-F are exquisitely interesting, even without a change to the doors and glass versus the 2015 models.  And even for the GS200t F Sport, in fact.

But the GS-F takes things to another level entirely.  Triple-beam LED low and high-beams are standard, and integrate a new upper LED DRL strake to complement the free-standing lower LED arrowheads.  The LED indicators are now embedded within the main lights, and form a sort of lightning-bolt of pure brightness when they are engaged.

Inner meshwork of the grille is darker than REM sleep, forming tiny overlapping “L” and “F” shapes on ultra-close inspection.  Beside this chic new face are cheekbones sharp enough to cut glass.

Enormous elephant-ear intakes flank both sides of the blacked-out L-Finesse grille.  Their layered edge catches extra brake-cooling air via dedicated ductwork, and they widen the vehicle radically versus any GS you have seen before.

All-new and GS-F-exclusive fenders up front have delightful — and functional — reverse air outlets just behind the front axle.  This is a nice nod to the RC-F and a quick way to spot the GS-F on the road versus its also-sexy siblings with fewer cylinders.

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