LARTE Design TESLA Model S P85D Elizabeta Mods Are Hot!


Tesla is wiping the face off the Model S for its first facelift, but we think Larte Design’s new bumpers and aerokit are far sexier.  Please enjoy a thorough look at the Larte ‘Elizabeta’ upgrades in this posh shopping photoshoot!  The parts are available in three materials, with the top carbon-fiber/basalt combination said to be stronger and much lighter than traditional fiberglass.  The nose and tail is the most upgraded, to our eyes, but the sill extensions, spoilers all around and exposed-weave carbon elements are deeply sexy throughout.

The upgrades from Larte Design are pretty reasonable, in terms of pricing.  Dedicated distributors and installation services are part of the Larte mix.  A few Euro locations outside the HQ in Moscow, plus a big California outpost and a new showroom/center in Dubai.  Or the pieces can be shipped right to customers, for installation at their local auto tuner (or nearly any bodyshop.)

Review their catalog for the hottest-looking Tesla S around!

This shopping center looks pretty dreamy, too.  Is named Barviha, per the photo location description.  Very cool designs, especially the whale-rib building!


LARTE Design TESLA Model S P85D Elizabeta

Fast and elegant Powerhouse

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