2016 McLaren 675LT Spider – Media Launch Brings 50 New, Real-Life Photos


Updated 4.18.16 with 50 new photos from the sunniest part of Northern Europe…!?

2016 McLaren 675LT Spider - ConfiguratorMcLaren just set the configurator of the new 675LT Spider live on the web!

The builder is tweaked versus previous McLaren visualizers — simplified and tailored for the small batch of 500 LT Spiders to be produced. Six custom configurations of exterior and interior design are grouped
into themes for the launch, but eight wheel styles and three dozen other colors are on the list for standard pricing.

Favorites do not include the new 675LT Spider exclusive color: Solis.  This is definitely a rich golden metallic in the sun, but seen online and in low light it appears to fade to a drab olive green a bit too easily for our eyes.

Napier Green complements Mantis Green as a slighter darker but still super-bright green, while Tarocco Orange is a slightly darker version of the also-available McLaren orange.675lts

The options are pretty straightforward outside and in, with most of the details concentrated on exterior styling with or without visible-weave carbon fiber. The full CF package is shown on the launch model in Solis yellow — swapping many of the body-color wings, side intake and many other pieces for a grey carbon fiber.  The package is cheaper than ordering all the pieces individually in carbon — but that option remains to get the look exactly how you like it.

For our build, we skipped the big Carbon package in favor of stock trims for a more monochromatic look. The exception for this build is an exposed-carbon tail plate. This will give a real P1 intensity to the back of the car.

The second big upgrade available is the Clubsport package. This is offered in just a handful of colors and includes all the Carbon pack elements, plus additional underbody spoilers and superlight forged alloys.  The Clubsport does have one goody not offered elsewhere: a bare carbon finish for the longtail air brake.2016 McLaren 675LT Spider - Configurator 7 2016 McLaren 675LT Spider - Configurator 83


Beyond the normal leathers, stereo and accessory options, buyers can also go as wild as they wish with MSO customization. A few additions for the 675LT by MSO include a bare carbon front hood, sliced GT3-like louvers in the front fenders, plus other very minute changes. Titanium lugnuts, a carbon side mirror stalk, carbon floor panels and CF trims inside round out the preset MSO accessory choices — but all seem like overkill for the most part.

Only 500 units means the 2016 675LT Spider is likely a one-year model release. It is quicker, louder and sharper than the 650S — by around 75-pounds. This joins the extra 25 ponies to deliver a rip-snorting experience and barely-dented performance versus the Coupe. The 0-62-mph times are the same at 2.9-seconds, but the 0-200-kph (124-mph) time drops by 0.2-seconds versus the coupe’s astounding 7.9-second blastoff.

The exhaust sounds more intense in its sport modes than any 650S heard so far, and the drive modes promise a much sharper tilt toward track speed — at the expense of some road comfort, of course.2016 McLaren 675LT Spider - carbon tail 2016 McLaren 675LT Spider - colorshttp://configurator.mclaren.com/configuration/startConfiguration.do?profileName=ML675LTSPIDER_WS

2016 McLaren 675LT Spider

2016 McLaren 675LT Spider – Configurator

Carbon Fibre Exterior Upgrade Pack

An upgrade pack, consisting of a combination of visual Carbon Fibre End Plates, Lower Side Intake and Rear Bumper Upper is available to order. Just like the items within the McLaren 650S Carbon Fibre Exterior Upgrade Pack, items within this pack are delivered at a discount when compared to ordering them individually.

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