Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Fan Car – Genius Racer… Now in 4D, Desktop Size

Red Bull’s prototype racecars for Gran Turismo are some of the most influential looks at the future of racing, and have been since the X2010 and X2014 challenges.  A four-pack of concept vehicles was the result of those efforts, with the machines raceable in the game.

Because GT5 and GT6 have such intense details in their physics simulator algorithms, you really can get a sense of each vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses on track.  You become extremely familiar with their behavior at the limit — like a true racing scenario.  It sounds like a cliche to say, but GT6 is that good.

But one downside of the Red Bull X cars and the Vision Gran Turismo concept series is that not all of them made it into the 4D of real life.  Even static models are a rare treat: think Nissan NC2020, Bugatti VGT.  Just seeing and touching the lines in natural sunlight is convergence and mentally stimulating in many, many ways.  Just a fantasy, but right in front of you?!

Now, one of the coolest RB X2014 concepts is breaking out of the game — and into real life.  And priced low enough for us all to own and caress daily!?


Well, it is not full size.  The new 1/18th scale models from AutoART come in three liveries, with intricate detailing and open-able hatch, movable wing planes and other lovely details.  A series of photos below shows the evolution of the X2010 into the X2014 scale models.  Dramatic changes, thanks to sim racing learnings.  MMO-AI?  (   [Massively Multiplayer Online Artifical Intelligence:].

We miss our model car collection from back in the day.  Never sell or give these away, folks!!

The only ones we kept?  A Porsche 959 and VW Beetle.  Or what I thought were nice bookends to the evolution of the automobile.  Even those two scale models would be blown away by a suction-effect race prototype like the X2014 Fan Car, though.

So will you.  Be blow away, or maybe just sucked in!

The new scale model of the X2014 Fan Car is $180.  Please note: many of these photoreal illustrations are the “X2014 Standard” versus the scale model, which is “X2014 Fan Car.”  The X2014 also included junior and Kart racer variants, sharing much design but tailored to different GT6 drive classes.

Junior below left, X2014 Fan Car to the right

X2014 Standard Renders c/o M2M-design by Maurizio Mancin  

Check out his work over on DeviantArt!


Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Fan Car – Scale Model vs X2010 Scale Model


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