2017 Ford GT – Rendered COLORS Visualizer in 20 New Shades

ford gt

Updated 4.6.16 with New Photos and Digitally-Rendered Images

Instead of the hundreds of custom shades and multiple angles, we only have a handful of digitally-rendered color options for the exciting Ford GT supercar. Why?

It has been a long week of many frantic Detroit reveals, and Photoshop prefers to crash right when you are in the middle of something great. =]

We are still trying to perfect a color---> black or color ---> white transformation, but it is not easy to accomplish with respectable results.

But was it a total loss? Not at all!

Many of the new colors are very bold and shimmery; slinky and sexy. And a special bonus: we were smart enough to watermark (some of) the renders before saving the JPGs....

Little victories  =]

And perhaps big ones for the Ford GT race program around LeMans!

2017 Ford GT - Digital Color Visualizer
2017 Ford GT - Digital Color Visualizer 11-tile



2017 Ford GT - Digital Color Visualizer 28-tileFord GT Colors 13 Ford GT Colors 12 Ford GT Colors 11 Ford GT Colors 10 Ford GT Colors 9 Ford GT Colors 8 Ford GT Colors 7 Ford GT Colors 6 Ford GT Colors 5 Ford GT Colors 4 Ford GT Colors 3 Ford GT Colors 2 Ford GT Colors 1 The all-new Ford GT was introduced to journalists from around th ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Ford GT Colors 22 Ford GT Colors 21 Ford GT Colors 20 Ford GT Colors 19 Ford GT Colors 18 Ford GT Colors 17 Ford GT Colors 16 Ford GT Colors 15 Ford GT Colors 14



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