Must-Hear Monster! 700HP TECHART Magnum in 35 New Photos, Engine MP3s

TECHART Magnum for Porsche Cayenne

In the TechArt world, Magnum is shorthand for every Cayenne upgrade in the catalog!  The team has been finalizing their style,. performance and tech upgrades for this third-generation Cayenne MAGNUM over the last few months — and the results are pretty intense!

The exterior upgrades fit all 2015-current Cayenne models, while the optional suspension and exhaust mods also enhance everything from the Cayenne S Diesel to the full-fat Turbo. An extra 120 horsepower come from all-new turbochargers, engine breathing and cooling on the Turbo — with 640HP available at all times, and the massive 700HP coming on steam with the selectable Sport drive mode.

Check out the audio of this supertruck via the MP3s below.

The MAGNUM upgrades are available to order now, and the car makes its public debut at the Essen motor show from November 27th.



TECHART Magnum for Porsche Cayenne – Sonics


— outside driving

— inside driving

TECHART Magnum for Porsche Cayenne


For over a decade, three TECHART Magnum Generations have been synonymous with unsurpassed Premium Refinement based on the Porsche Cayenne models.

Renowned for unmistakable design, breathtaking performance and superior quality.


TECHART presents the new Measure of Things in terms of Premium Refinement
for the 4th Cayenne Generation. The all new TECHART Magnum
celebrates its World Premiere at Essen Motor Show, November 27th – December 6th.


TECHART Magnum – the Measure of Things for over a decade.


Launched in 2004, TECHART Magnum quickly became a renowned brand name, representing TECHART’s powerful and distinctive exterior styling range for every Porsche Cayenne model.
After three Magnum Generations, and with more than 1,200 TECHART Magnums built worldwide,
the TECHART Magnum became a benchmark across brands in terms of styling,
technology and product quality.

The typical core values of the TECHART Magnum individualization range are its emotional
and dynamic design line as well as its literally unlimited diversity of personalization options.
At the same time, reasonableness and peace of mind are part of the TECHART Magnum.
This is why TECHART invests in OE-quality materials, precision tooling and reliable production processes. This results not only in spotless product quality, but also in easy installation.
And even though a TECHART Magnum is an extensive modification of the Cayenne body,
it is still easy to maintain. This is why the new TECHART Magnum features many sophisticated
design details. Such as its well-thought-out aerodynamic concept and its versatile compatibility
with the feature options of the Cayenne models.


It’s all new. And still it is unmistakably TECHART Magnum. The Design.

The new Magnum front part is hallmarked by firmly shaped surfaces. The side air intakes, the bumper and the front spoiler are seamlessly modelled and surrounded by the typical TECHART shape.
In its center, the front apron design and the splitter, which is optionally available as carbon fiber part, visually reduce the Cayenne’s height and create the impression of a solid, wide stance appearance. This is enhanced further by the prominent wheel arch extensions and side skirts. The central radiator grill merges with the side air intakes. “Airframes”, visually hovering ducts in the air intakes, include the TECHART daytime running light units. The shape of the Airframes invoke images of aircraft engine intake systems. The modular construction of the complete Magnum front apron provides many possibilities for further accents such as parts in custom color or carbon fiber.

The TECHART Aero Engine Lid is entirely made of carbon fiber and features a distinctive, dynamically shaped styling. The lid incorporates two air outlets and it is available in body color as well as in matt or high-gloss carbon fiber finish.

The rear of the new TECHART Magnum sets design highlights with side air outlets reinterpreting the Airframes of the front apron. The rear diffusor is an essential design element. As an option, it can be enhanced in contrasted color or carbon fiber finish.

Newly shaped TECHART sports tailpipes are made in a hybrid structure design. The tailpipes are made of carbon fiber, surrounding inner stainless steel pipes. The tailpipes are mounted in concave ducts integrated in the Magnum rear apron.

At the rear hatch, a spoiler trim with an aerodynamic edge as well as an impressive roof spoiler complete the new TECHART Magnum bodykit.


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