TechArt Magnum SPORT for Porsche Cayenne is New Carbon Flagship

Great showing at Geneva for TechArt!

They have a wild Cayenne for every level of madness…. right up to the new exposed-carbon Magnum Sport.

But below the Magnums are many flavors of hot exhaust, rims, bodykit elements and more — all chosen and sold individually to the Cayenne lover in your life.


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2016 TechArt Magnum SPORT

Leonberg, March 9th, 2016


For over a decade, four TECHART Magnum Generations are synonymous

with unsurpassed Premium Refinement based on the Porsche Cayenne models.

Renowned for their unmistakable design, breathtaking performance and superior quality.


From March 3rd – 13th, the sport-focused version of the new TECHART Magnum
will celebrate its world premiere: the new TECHART Magnum »Sport«.




The new TECHART Magnum »Sport«


The TECHART Magnum »Sport« represents a new, sport-focused variation of the Porsche Cayenne-based TECHART Magnum. The special edition comes with an enhanced aerodynamic styling package which includes new carbon fiber parts.


A new dynamically shaped three-part front splitter and additional winglets inside the big air intakes at the front part attract attention at first sight. New carbon-made front wheel arch air outlets radiate a scent of motor sports and so do the two added carbon fiber air outlets at the rear of the Magnum »Sport«. A distinctively powerful rear diffuser visibly sets the TECHART Magnum apart from any series Porsche Cayenne model. As in all TECHART Magnum vehicles, the rear diffuser of the TECHART Magnum »Sport« can be detached to allow the towball to be deployed, if the Cayenne features this option.


Additional carbon fiber trims as well as sporty interior design details make the TECHART Magnum »Sport« complete.


Depending on the base model, the TECHART Magnum »Sport« can draw from a total power output of up to 522 kW (700 hp). This is achieved by the engine powerkits, TECHART offers for the Porsche Cayenne series. The TECHART power boosts range from additional 28 (Cayenne Diesel) to additional 180 horsepower (Cayenne Turbo).


TECHART Magnum – the Measure of Things for over a decade.


Launched in 2004, TECHART Magnum quickly became a renowned brand name, representing TECHART’s powerful and distinctive exterior styling range for every Porsche Cayenne model.
After three Magnum Generations, and with more than 1,200 TECHART Magnums built worldwide,
the TECHART Magnum became a benchmark across brands in terms of styling,
technology and product quality.


The typical core values of the TECHART Magnum individualization range are its emotional
and dynamic design line as well as its literally unlimited diversity of personalization options.
At the same time, reasonableness and peace of mind are part of the TECHART Magnum.
This is why TECHART invests in OE-quality materials, precision tooling and reliable production processes. This results not only in spotless product quality, but also in easy installation.
And even though a TECHART Magnum is an extensive modification of the Cayenne body,
it is still easy to maintain. This is why the new TECHART Magnum features many sophisticated
design details. Such as its well-thought-out aerodynamic concept and its versatile compatibility
with the feature options of the Cayenne models.



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