2016 ItalDesign Giugiaro GTZero



Official debut details below on a very intriguing prototype from ItalDesign.

Now that Giugiaro’s design boutique is integrated in the VW Group, and Audi in particular, their projects have taken on extra relevance.  Perhaps predicting the future of some kind of Audi or Lambo?  Or perhaps just reflecting the new mood toward shooting brake supercars…?

Our theory is that the GTZero may have been a Lambo proposal that didn’t get the green light for production.  But got the go-ahead for a redesign to showcase ItalDesign’s skills.

Either way, the three-door model is a 2+2 with a finished cabin and elegant swan doors.  Those doors take a huge chunk of the roof up with them, aiding access and feeling like a GT40 in the process!  Never a bad thing for an EV concept…!

We also like the nose, with its clean and facelessness a good look at Audi/Lambo/Porsche EV aero priorities in the future.

2016 ItalDesign Giugiaro GTZero




  • Making its world debut at the Geneva International Motor Show is a new concept car from Italdesign: GTZero
  • Filippo Perini, Head of Design: “GTZero is a tribute to Italdesign’s history and a vision for the future”
  • A modular platform and passenger compartment allow several configurations and drive systems






  • An elegantly-styled GT, steeped in the tradition of the Italian sports car
  • Active aerodynamics
  • The mission of Filippo Perini and his creative team: a car with a futuristic design that does not lose its grip on reality
  • Modular platform to accommodate all-electric or hybrid systems
  • Modular passenger compartment: 2+2 or 3+1
  • High-tech interiors
  • Innovative and dynamic three-level dashboard display with OLED technology
  • 4WD, 4 wheel-steering
  • Monocoque carbon frame


Geneva, 1 March 2016


For the 86th Geneva International Motor Show, Italdesign unveils a modern interpretation of the classic GT car to the world: GTZero,

The aim of Italdesign with the GTZero project was to explore the classic sports car segment, but to interpret it in line with the times and to design a high-tech, sustainable and versatile model.

“Concern for the environment and new technologies have led to cars that are both efficient and powerful,” declares Filippo Perini, Head of Design at Italdesign. “However, the car’s aesthetic personality can still be preserved: irrespective of the type of drive system, the various types of car will not disappear and sports cars will continue to exert a particular appeal. GTZero is our vision of a classic, the Gran Turismo, which embodies the traditions of Italian body designers, but is also brought up to date with tomorrow’s technologies and requirements. It has zero emissions, so it is therefore GTZero.”

The version of the GTZero presented in Geneva is based on a modular monocoque carbon frame with integrated batteries; it is powered by an electric powertrain consisting of three motors, two on the front axle and one on the rear, which is able to deliver an overall power of 360 kW with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering; its top speed is limited to 250 km/h and it has a range of about 500 km. 80% of the charge is achievable in about 30 minutes.

The Gran Turismo’s sleek and dynamic profile is combined with a wide and comfortable passenger compartment: it can accommodate two adults and two children or, by moving the passenger seat forward, three adults and a child, behind the driver. The reduced rear overhang, elongated front and contained height convey its sporty nature, whilst the shooting-brake layout allows three bags to be packed comfortably in the rear luggage compartment and two more in the front one, making the GTZero the perfect car for medium to long trips.


GTZero was planned, designed and built at Italdesign’s headquarters in Moncalieri.




The inspiration for the GTZero design comes directly from the great tradition of Italian body designers.  Throughout the last century they created quintessential “sculptures in motion”, which have become icons in the history of the car. GTZero also pays tribute to the nearly fifty years of history of Italdesign, recapturing several ideas from some of its historic concept cars. The active flaps on the bonnet are reminiscent of the 1997 Alfa Romeo Scighera, whilst the long bonnet, pronounced mudguards and pitched tail are a tribute to the 1995 Daewoo Bucrane; the sporty setup of the car “for family use”, on the other hand, brings to mind the Ferrari GG50. The truncated tail and smooth lines recall the Bizzarrini Manta, which marked the debut of the fledgling Italdesign back in 1968.


To ensure lightness and strength, the body is made of composite materials and is supported by a solid monocoque carbon frame with aluminium sub-frames. These allow modularity and make it suitable for different types of cars and drive systems: by working on the sub-frames it is possible to change the frame’s overall dimensions, while keeping the carbon structure unaltered.


In order to create the GTZero, Italdesign’s Styling and Engineering departments worked simultaneously, applying cutting-edge processes, technology and systems, such as in-bolding, RTM (resin transfer molding), and rapid prototyping, all supported by CAD structural simulations.


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