2017 Bugatti CHIRON – Dynamic Onyx + Grand Palais Photosets

Update1 – Including photos of the new Chiron in a gorgeous onyx black out on the roads and high-speed test track.  Plus a set of this hypercar hero in rare static form at the Grand Palais.


2017 Bugatti CHIRON – Dynamic Photos

Every hypercar in the world just found out it was no messiah. But rather, just a false prophet.

Imagine the shame!  Being so slow, so unremarkable and so inferior?

Bugatti’s live-streamed press conference starts tonight at 3:45AM EST — so imagine our THRILL at the full release!  Full photoset!  Full specs!  Get me a Kleenex!

The details are absolutely shocking.  1500HP, 261-mph restricted Vmax for road use, and a sprint to 62-mph guaranteed to be well below 2.5-seconds.

This is achieved through a 25-percent boost in power from the 8.0-liter, quad-turbo W16 engine.  New turbo designs boost power radically, and integrate a new two-stage power delivery.  The first two are active all the time, while the second pair kick on at 3800-rpm.  The promise is zero turbo lag and seamless power delivery throughout the rev range.


Stunned beyond words.

And we’re not alone: 30-percent of the 500-unit Chiron production run is already pre-sold to existing owners.  That is sure to tick up near 60-percent by this time tomorrow.  Time to rush an LV travel trunk full of cash to Molshiem!

Want to get this live ASAP, so look out for more thoughts and insights with an update shortly.

2017 Bugatti CHIRON – Grand Palais Photoset


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