2016 Rolls-Royce PHANTOM – Books Closing on Best-Ever RR Model Family

This would be a curious announcement from anyone but Rolls-Royce.

Basically, below they celebrate the Phantom VII and its production run from 2003-2011, then as the Phantom II from 2012 to 2016.  Its four variants (EWB, DHC, Coupe and Sedan) are unquestionably the most iconic super-lux limousines in the world.  And this really does deserve a champagne-pop for every occasion to celebrate.

After all, the Phantom’s success under BMW was certainly never guaranteed.  In the Chronology of Phantoms, what we know as a Phantom I (mid-2000s) was actually the seventh in a long line of Rollers.  Anyone noting the timeline’s huge gap between the 1970s and the present models.P90211032_highRes_the-rolls-royce-phan

All this ceremony?  To seal the final orders this year among its many styles.

The next-generation model family is promised early in 2018 in lightweight materials throughout.  But its launch will be not be all at once, of course.  The sedan, SUV, coupe, long-wheelbase and maybe even cabrio variants will all take years to develop and launch.

So, Phantom lovers: this is a call to action!  Lock in yours now before it’s too late!

Three special-editions Zenith Collection models (one for each bodystyle) are promised as the most lavish yet — to be revealed this year.

Here are a few of our favorite Phantom encounters….



2016 Rolls-Royce PHANTOM


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