2018 Lexus LC500 Cabrio Rendering

lc500h fireworksFull details on the new LC500h from Lexus!

Very interesting advancements… conforming to few of the hypotheticals we initially posed below.

For example, would it be a PHEV?  Would it run a V8?

No and no on those fronts.

But fear not: a new Li-ion battery system and four-speed EV transaxle in back complements the3.5-liter V6 up front to deliver a ballparked 4.7-second sprint to 60-mph.  That is deeply impressive for a machine that also offers a new Hybrid manual gear-shift mode and far less CVT drone than possible before.  Lexus’s explicit promise of “well under 5 seconds to 100-kph” is great news all around. It mostly points toward the LC500 proper being a 3.9-second stunner!  The extra thrust from its 467-pony V8, ultra-light new chassis architecture and all-new transmission are sure to be nearly a second quicker than the V6 hybrid LC500h.

LC500C Digital Renderings – LC 500 Cabriolc500 cabrio

No total power outputs are available yet for the LC500h, but we do have two new see-through mechanical renderings and a few new photos.

Most notable design elements?  Still definitely the extremely low, extremely wide new nose and long-hood proportions. A slimline glasshouse and pinched roofline are both exceptionally sporty details — and make the wide shoulders out back even more pronounced.

So will this be a viable BMW i8 rival?  Perhaps!

Lexus seems to be chasing the e-boost strategy of the Porsche 918 or McLaren P1 more closely than it is mirroring BMW’s turbo triple PHEV layout.

Lastly, a new cabin look for Geneva is gorgeous: wearing all-new tech in a nautical-inspired blue, creme and saddle motif that is innovative and sexy — even in pre-show photos!


2017 Lexus LC500h – Latest 25 Images

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