HD Pre-Review! 550HP, 3.5s 2016 JAGUAR F-Type R AWD – First 120 Photos + 3 HD Drive Videos

HD Pre-Review! 550HP, 3.5s 2016 JAGUAR F-Type R AWD - First 120 Photos + 3 HD Drive Videos
It’s happening again!

The moment I get my paws on a seriously stellar machine, I spend the week moving from photo location to photo location.  Running psuedo-errands like I just got my license.

And a shooting rush of serotonin at every M16-rifle blast of exhaust noise and 1.5-G of pressure to my internal accelerometer.

Fighting a smile is impossible.  Muffling a laugh is always a challenge too, for this, my favorite machine of all time.


Already in quotes saying the F-Type R AWD Coupe is “the fastest, most beautiful vehicle I’ve ever driven…”

And that feeling is growing stronger in day three with this supercar.  We’re worried for day six and seven.  There may be a Thelma & Louise-style chase to return this stunner to Jaguar USA!

On that note, we’ve crossed the 10GB mark of F-Type media.  Eight gigs in HD video, and the rest in nearly 1000 photos.

So far!

A few caveats for the three photoshoots featured here!

— First locale: Ocean Course, Golf Club, Kiawah Island, SC

—->> waved through two gatehouses to get inside here.  F-Type opens many doors.

—->> took a number of photos with the left-hand clasp of the hood not shut correctly.  Had shown off the stunning powerplant and failed to seal it on the passenger side.  CLosed shortly after these photos were snapped.  The light and beachfront water features in the background make it hard to chuck out the entire photoset.  So please, just know that the shutlines of the forward-hinged F-Type bonnet are, in fact, flawless — and not funky, as these photos show.

Second locale: Fenwick Plantation, Johns Island, SC

—>> No big warnings here.  Except for the fact that I almost fainted when emerging from a quick TT in the woods beside this gorgeous, 300-year-old Angel Oak-lined driveway.   (The real manor house is not pictured — these are condos redeveloped from a slice of their land.)

—>> Only notes here:  LED beauty.  Enchanting proportions.  Crowd-attracting design and brand magnetism.

Third Locale:  Pelican’s Nest/Golf Club, Seabrook Island, SC

—>> Rear spoiler in USA ‘cleaning mode,’ which flips up when:   a) car is in park with parking brake ON,   b)  ignition is OFF but accessory is ON (and car has run in last 15 min)   c) button pressed to raise automatically-deployed spoiler.

—>> this wing is full automatic for American buyers: it flips up at 70-mph, and down at 50-mph.  Adds a real sense of occasion to your peripheral vision, to be sure.  And to those you pass, of course.