2017 SEAT Alteca – Sharp Spanish Marque’s First SUV is a No-Brainer


Despite the name: this is no Aztek!~

More and more lately, SUV reveals make you think only one thing:  what took so long?

It started most recently with the Bentley Bentayga, but the theme runs frothy through even the most unlikely brands.  Jag F-Type?  Will be a HUGE seller?  Again.  One thinks: what took so long!

Of course, $1-a-gallon gasoline certainly helps spike the SUV mood worldwide.  But this new ALTECA is prepped for a variety of futures.  Big engines, small engines, mini diesels, hybrids… all package-protected and ready to roll out in the coming years.

This ALTCA crossover is a five-seater sharing much under the skin with the VW Tiguan.  Unlike the Tig, however, this ALTECA is actually quite stylish.




2017 SEAT Alteca SUV

The New SEAT ATECA – Style, Dynamics and Utility for the Urban Adventure

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