2016 Porsche CAYMAN GT4 – Latest 30 Action Shots from Algarve Impress, But Car Is Poor Value

Reviewing the latest photos and video of the Cayman GT4 is quite perplexing. Who is this $84k machine aimed at?>

Perhaps 911 GT3 aspirers, but for half the cash?

The 4.2-second sprint to 60, intensely upgraded aero all around, sport exhaust and slammed ride height all point firmly toward the racetrack.

But even Porsche knows it has a problem: there is no Cayman badge on the back of the car.  Just Porsche and GT4 letters to mark out the model.

And that is the crux of it: this is a halo Cayman that hopes to ramp up excitement around the $52k Cayman… but this GT4 appears is embarrassed about that link.

Not a happy place, for this car, no matter how joyful the drive experience undoubtedly is.  The options and builder bumps the price up even more radically: custom paints, race seats or adaptive sport seats and other goodies can take the car’s price to $99k. Fierce competition in that price range, obviously, from Porsche’s signature model.   Not to mention the Corvette Z06, Nissan GT-R, BMW M5, Mercedes CLS63 AMG……..

So who is this GT4 actually… “for”?

At the end of the day, this car is still massively over-priced and under-amazing.   There is nothing on this GT4 that justifies a $30k price bump.   It is basically a few spoilers, an ECU reflash and new muffler.


2016 Porsche CAYMAN GT4


The new Cayman GT4 is a huge bit of news! An ultra-hardcore model with 380-horsepower and a chassis overhaul complete with 911 GT3 tech bits throughout, this sweet new Cayman flagship will make many Porsche Club members thrilled.

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