2017 Audi Q7 Visualizer – Colors, Cabins, Pricing and Options Guide

The new Q7 is already burning up the sales charts in the Audi USA lineup!

Beset as the brand is with many woes at the moment, the SUV lineup is still a shining beacon of hope.   And cash.

Lots of cash!

The Q7 in its all-new 2017 generation appears completely immune to the dieselgate saga.  After all, the TDI variants were only ever a 9-percent slice of the model’s sales.image_005 image_004

The new Q7 really leapfrogs its Touareg and Cayenne cousins for this generation.  Where those two are the lightest of light facelifts for 2015’s refresh, the new Q7 is actually on an all-new chassis.  It has lost over 700 pounnds as a result of this advanced-alloy unibody, and is also in prime position for hybrid and e-tron PHEV models in the near future.

Just one engine in the USA launch range: the 333HP supercharged V6 through an eight-speed automatic.  Quattro appears to be standard.

The big drop in mass corresponds to much quicker sprint pace.  Even with this fairly humdrum V6 3.0 TFSI motor, the new Q7 has an official 5.7-second time for the 60-mph sprint. That is about a second quicker than the previous model with the same engine.

The Q7 can also tow big weight. Properly specced with the trailer tow package, the Q7 can chug up to 7700 pounds out back.  Very impressive!2017 audi q7 colors


We have explored the AudiUSA.com options, colors and cabins on your behalf.  All colors of the exterior and interior are featured below.  We fell in love with the Cedar brown leather shade for the interior, which brings along 18-way power seats for its $6000 ‘Luxury pack’ premium.  That also bundles cooled/heated seats, valcona leather and massage functions for sore lumbar regions.

The exterior of our build sticks with the third, and newest, shade of white: a creamy tone called Taffeta.  Who knows.  We’d probably pick Summit white or Orca black if this were a real build.

The bright blue seen on Euro-spec Q7s does not appear to have made the jump across the ocean. Unless ‘Ink Blue’ on our visualizer just looks so much darker than the pre-sale images?  Unclear.

We do have two wheel styles for the loaded Prestige model: 20-inch multi-spoke, titanium colored units or bright silver five-spoke alloys in a whopping 21-inch size.2017 audi q7 wheels

Pricing is fairly friendly: $55k to start and up to a $65k base for the Prestige trimline.  Our build totalled $77k, which is steep for any V6 truck… but is decent value for all that the new Q7 offers.

Must-have options?  There are a few!

— the black alcantara headliner, which is a no-cost option on the Prestige model.  Check the box.

— adaptive chassis package ($4000): includes four-wheel steering and air suspension.  A definite must for delivering better cornering agility, ride height selections and a super-posh Comfort setting for those air springs on the highway.  Yes.

— rear side airbags: are a curious $350 option.  Check.2017 Audi Q7 Cabins

USA #1

The look of the Q7 in the USA is also vastly more promising than seeing it in Euro environs. First off, the USA trucks have tinted privacy glass that the EU photo cars lack — and look silly without.

Secondly, you can really get a sense of how chic and new the Q7 will look on our roads. LEDs blazing, there will be few cooler SUVs to show/tell this year.

The new Q7 is at showrooms now nationwide, but selling rapidly.  They are likely to let you drive their demo model and then order your own, with delivery in about 8 weeks.  A few lucky souls might be able to buy one off the floor… but demand is strong and discounts infrequent.

Overall, however, the new Q7 feels like a winner — for owners and Audi alike.


Q7 USA Configurator


2017 Audi Q7 – PRICING

  • Premium — Starting at $54,800
  • Premium Plus — Starting at $58,800
  • Prestige — Starting at $64,300

2017 Audi Q7 Visualizer – Wheels

2017 Audi Q7 Visualizer – Cabins2017 Audi Q7 Cabins

2017 Audi Q7 Visualizer – Colors2017 Audi Q7 Colors, Wheels and Interiors 12-tile 2017 audi q7 colors

Q7 | Prestige

Price as built:*$76,725
Trim & Engine

Prestige 3.0 TFSI®

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