Best of NAIAS – 2016 Nissan TITAN Warrior Concept – Nightclub Cool + Baja-Tough Mods for Raptor-Killer

NissanTitanWarri1 - Copy-tileUpdate: We’re slightly confused now about the Titan Warrior Concept.  All the below still applies… but the Warrior is so different from the production truck. Much more-so than the Raptor is than the standard F-150.  So perhaps the Warrior is more of a dream-truck than a realistic Raptor hunter/killer.  It is still cool as fahk regardless., though. =]Nissan_TITAN_Warrior_Concept_13

The Ford F-150 Raptor is so hot that no other brand can resist trying to beat its baja chicness on showroom floors.

A solid basis for a real Raptor-killer from Nissan?  The 2016 TITAN XD — a full-size pickup so strong that it makes Nissan a player in the segment for the first time in years.

Extending the excitement around a half-ton Cummins diesel engine from Nissan is this new Titan Warrior Concept.

Wearing all the sexiest design trends like black chrome and superflux LED DRLs, the Titan Warrior makes big upgrades to the factory truck. New fenders front and rear meet fresh LEDs, custom paint and off-road suspension mods.

The look is hot enough to turn heads on a Saturday night valet line, but functional enough to really race in the Dakar rally.

A tough combination, but one Nissan’s Cali-based designers really nailed!  We love the style — and love the roadmap it offers DIY owners when customizing their own Titans.




2016 Nissan TITAN Warrior Concept

Nissan TITAN Warrior Concept makes world debut at the 2016 North American International Auto Show

  • Extreme pickup concept bows on heels of all-new 2016 TITAN XD launch
  • Boasts adventure-ready, desert racing-inspired design on commercial-duty chassis with modified off-road suspension
  • Concept created by Nissan Design America in La Jolla, California

DETROIT – Nissan put an exclamation point on the start of sales of its all-new 2016 TITAN XD by unveiling a super-sized, off-road modified design study it calls the TITAN Warrior Concept. Nissan Design America (NDA) took the TITAN XD’s production design to new extremes with unapologetic, aggressive, athletic styling features that declare the concept’s off-road adventure intent and Nissan’s optimism for the truck market.

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