1987 DeTomaso Pantera GT5-S – Mecum Kissimmee 2016 Preview

1987 DETOMASO PANTERA GT5-SThink what you may about the DeTomaso Pantera from the 1970s.

This machine is a totally different beast.

Where time and special-edition hell really destroyed the original Countach elegance, the Pantera appears fully reviatlized. The car has the presence of a F40, the nose elegance of the Lotus Esprit, yet rear-drive, naturally-aspirated purity to shade them all.

This particular GT5-S Pantera has led a charmed life: just 7k miles and even the original magnesium extra pair of alloys.  Plus a cabin with plush caramel leathers like a bordello!

The estimate for this Pantera GT5-S is $250k, which is stellar value. It is one of only 50 sold in the US, and less than 200 overall.


LOT S108 // MECUM KISSIMMEE 2016 // JAN 15-24

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