NOVITEC TORADO Reveals New Lambo HURACAN N-LARGO Widebody with 860HP


N-Largo is like a special passcode behind the velvet rope of the supercar universe.

Since falling HARD for the sister-company Novitec Rosso’s California N-Largo, the name has sent a tingly shiver up my trousers.

The new Novitec Torado Huracan N-Largo therefore is a very welcome new-year’s surprise.

Gorgeous aggression and new-ly scultped panels take the Huracan shape to new levels of aggression from all angles.

And unlike many widebodies accomplished via manually-extended metal fenders, or tacked-on flares, Novitec goes a much more thorough route.

Those wild new front fenders with trailing vent slash?  All-new.

The giant lower and upper intake scoops behind the doors?  All new and much wilder than stock.  Same goes for the bumpers all around, the custom hood with breather outlets unseen on the factory original.  The new nose is pretty dramatic: check out those HUGE new intake splitters!  An adjustable ride height is available for the N-Largo, supplementing the Lambo nose-lift system to clear speedbumps.


In fact, looking over the beautiful machine in these preview photos… it looks like only the doors and roof stick with their stock modesty.  The rest is dripping with new functional performance detailing, creases replacing smoothness and helping vamp up the Huracan beautifully.

Just 25 of the cars will be made, and can be fit on your Huracan coupe or ordered as a finished product.  Along with that new bodywork, aero, stance and sonics?

An 860-horsepower supercharged V10 upgrade!  That is a cool 250 ponies more than stock.



  • Spectacular carbon widebody, high-tech forged wheels and supercharged V10 engine rated at 633 kW / 860 hp
  • The new super sports car based on the Lamborghini Huracan

N-LARGO: That is the label under which German car refinement specialist NOVITEC TORADO presents an especially exclusive super sports car based on the Lamborghini Huracan. The edition is limited to just 25 cars.

The two-seater impresses visually with a spectacular widebody made from carbon and high-tech forged wheels in a staggered 20/21-inch combination developed specifically for this vehicle.

A supercharged version of the 5.2-liter V10 engine rated at around 633 kW / 860 hp is currently under custom-development for the NOVITEC TORADO N-LARGO.

The NOVITEC TORADO N-LARGO measures 204 centimeters in width at the rear axle or 12 centimeters more than the production car. The widebody version sets itself apart from the masses not only due to this extreme. In cooperation with renowned designer Vittorio Strosek, NOVITEC TORADO created a carbon designer outfit for the Lamborghini Huracan that achieves a perfect blend of thrilling styling and maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

The company developed strikingly styled flares for the rear fenders seamlessly bonded to the production body. The wheel wells on both sides are lined with precisely fitting inner liners and are each six centimeters wider, thereby creating space for the NL2 wheels custom-developed for the NOVITEC TORADO N-LARGO. The use of high-tech forging manufacturing technology results in these alloys offering an outstanding blend of lightweight construction and strength. Especially on the rear axle, the widebody version permits designing an extremely concave wheel spider with five delicately shaped double spokes. The wheels of size 12.5Jx21 make full use of the newly created space and are mounted with Pirelli P ZERO high-performance tires of size 325/25 ZR 21.

In concert with the new N-LARGO front fenders, which replace the production components, the Huracan not only sports a front that is six centimeters wider, but also a striking wasp waist. Another stylistic trick is the use of 20-inch forged wheels on the front axle, which in combination with the larger 21-inch rear wheels emphasize the wedge shape of the two-seater even more. The nine-inch-wide wheels also feature a concave center section and are mounted with high-performance tires of size 245/30 ZR 20.

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