2016 Alfa Romeo GIULIA – LA Debut + Realistic Analysis: Model May Fail at US Relaunch Mission

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia debuted in North America this week — wowing LA showgoers with its extreme, high-performance exterior and interior.

Still a bit light on actual details in terms of USA arrivals, or whether sales will be handled via Maserati showrooms, as on the exotic 8C Competizione from a few years ago.

Below we discuss the new model’s stout performance in the original Euro debut article. But even all these months later, the GIULIA still faces an uphill climb in the US market. Reasons for this:

— huge expectations for base Giulia models based on this ultra-high-performance Quadrifoglio (cloverleaf) model.  Imagine BMW launching the M3 before the 320i. Obviously, many would be deeply underwhelmed by the more affordable model versus its alpha brother.

— the name is awful.  I still cannot spell it right the first time. And the temptation to pronounce it GOOlia is strong.

— pricing/performance/size equation is worrying. Euro pricing in the high 80s to about 100k is scary: this Giulia is only slightly larger than the BMW M3, yet appears to be priced $30k higher if US pricing is a direct conversion of euro/dollars.

— Pricing near $100k is fine for a super-sedan. The CTS-V is at that level for 2016.  But it also has 130 more ponies than the 510 max on the Alfa. It is much bigger too, as is the M5.

— Elephant in the (show)room: the Maserati GHIBLI.  Which we like and can pronounce (ghee-blee). But buyers hate for its lame $70k base trims, but overpriced SQ4 model also hitting $90k way too rapidly. Production of the Ghibli is on pause in Italy for most of December due to stalled demand in the US.  The Alfa of similar size will have to be priced $25k less at all levels in order to avoid a similar nosedive in year two sales.

So. Not really a home-run yet for Alfa, despite this GIULIA being a gorgeous and clearly very-exciting 4-door supercar.


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First look at the new Alfa Giulia today leaves us floored!

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