2017 GMC Canyon DENALI Wears Butch New Grille, 20s and LEDs – 31MPG DuraMax Diesel Optional

Despite all the excitement around the new generation of mid-size pickup trucks, the huge praise heaped on the Chevy Colorado has not yet translated into huge full-year sales numbers.  At least, not by US pickup market standards — where the F-Series from Ford nears 800k units annually in a good year.  (Not this launch year, mind you, with lots of factory down-time in the aluminum transition.

Since the launch of the GMC Canyon and its bro, the Chevy Colorado, the two have been burning up the sale growth charts.

Despite initial impressions of the GMC as the better-looking of the two based on initial images, the Colorado is the only one of the duo that we have driven. And it does appear to be more butch, more off-roady and more youthful than the Canyon.

In the 2015 sales through August, the Colorado is outselling the Canyon by more than 2-to-1: 55k units from Chevy versus 20k for GMC.  The Chevy was always going to be the better seller, but the ratio is pretty striking nonetheless.

For all these reasons and more, the Canyon needs more of a push for 2017. The new Duramax diesel engine option will certainly help,

As such, the Canyon Denali.

This is the first time the Denali upgrades have graced a GMC mid-size truck, with a megalux cabin including almost everything as standard for the first time versus the SLE and SLT trimlines below this new rangetopper.

20-inch wheels and a massive new chrome grille are certainly striking, but it is the higher ride height and standard running boards that really butch up the Canyon Denali from most angles. Fresh LED taillamps are a nice treat too.

Yet we can’t help but wonder how the Canyon Denali would look with a gloss-black finish for the nose….   Perhaps some additional renders in the future.  As a teaser of how a DIY Denali Black might look? Below! =]   Plus a driving video of the new truck, its official release details from GMC, and confirmation that the Canyon Denali is arriving in stores by the end of 2016 as a 2017 model-year.

Unclear why these extremely minor tweaks need a full year of lead time, but that is the word from GMC.





August 2015 Pickup Sales Ranker (GoodCarBadCar)




2017 GMC Canyon DENALI


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