Meet Gran Turismo SPORT – FIA-Blessed PlayStation Spinoff Starts Private Alpha in Paris

gt sport

Here is a brilliant idea that took two decades to achieve!

Another Gran Turismo.

One of the most potent profit engines in the PlayStation empire, the exclusive console arrangement has been a golden goose for parent Sony. But the development of the game by Polyphony Digital is so exhaustive that a spin-off game was long thought just a drain on resources. Fans were already waiting rabidly for the mid-decade updates of Gran Turismo since its launch, now up to GT6 as the latest and greatest.

What started as a vaguely frontier investment in gaming for Sony in the late 1980s —  console gaming with private-label/exclusive releases — has become a total rockstar. And that makes sense. Consumer electronics are in the dumps, and no one has craved a yellow Sports Walkman since Gran Turismo made it big.PlayStation-GT-SPORT-Stills--58fsd Quattro_S1_02 PlayStation GT SPORT Stills 54

2015-Bugatti-Vision-Gran-Turismo-Frankfurt-55-1600x1066 PlayStation GT SPORT Stills 46Now on the sixth franchise, we finally have a true spin-off for this PlayStation hero: GT Sport.

First trailer is below, with a public Beta coming early in 2016 to all PS3/PS4 peeps.   Note: it appears GT Sport may be limited to PS4.

So, What is Gran Turismo SPORT?

Who knows!?

Its title cup is the FIA Gran Turismo Championships — a strong vote towards the new motorsports direction of A-spec and B-spec play modes. For those without seat time, GT basically operates in two twin story modes. You both race and build up your cars via tuning and trading as a driver. But you also manage a team as the crew chief.  And that combination of racing immersion is one of the most thrilling stages of GT gameplay.

Once you have sold off or just stopped racing your 500HP WRX or GT-R in pilgrim race classes, you move up. You keep moving up to HARD tracks with HARD racecars. Hard races to podium, let alone win. After five or ten laps of the long and wild real-world tracks, GT wallops the brain with eGame love.

So GT Sport?  Seems to focus on the fastest racecars, the most epic future prototypes, and the greatest wildcards in racing history. The whole tagline below in the video celebrates the next 100 years of racing.

Cheers to that!




With more than 75 million cumulative sales (*) around the world, Gran Turismo has revolutionized the driving game genre.
The next evolutionary step in this history-making series will soon be coming to PlayStation®4.
Get ready to be taken to new unforeseen heights with “Gran Turismo SPORT.”

That Gran Turismo SPORT will feature highly evolved graphics and sound quality, not to mention a totally revamped physics engine,
should come as no surprise. The true beauty of Gran Turismo SPORT goes much deeper, as it will forever change
the way driving games are seen. It will redefine the very definition of “gaming” and “motorsports.”

Two FIA online championships will be featured in Gran Turismo SPORT.
What makes these new series special is that the gamer has the option of either playing or simply spectating to take
in the motorsports experience as a fan. In the Nations Cup series, players can either drive for their home country
or stay on the sidelines and root their countrymen on, while the Manufacturers Cup allows them to
drive or support their favorite car maker. In both cases, the gamer is provided
with the complete motorsports experience.

gt sport

GT Sport

And best of all, the winner of each championship will be coroneted in the same way as a real-life race winner, at a prize-giving

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