Lexus LF-FC Flagship Concept Teases Next-Gen SuperLimo at Tokyo Auto Show

Exciting day in Tokyo!  The Lexus LF-FC concept is official, with more than a few surpriss along the way!

First off, what are we looking at? Our initial hunch about this previewing the 2017 LS sedan appears wide of the mark: the proportions of this LF-FC are actually very low and sporty, much like a 650 from BMW versus a 750.  Yet another wrinkle in the mystery: the LF-FC is huge with a length of 208-inches. This is up from the 192-inch length of the GS, or 203-in max length for the current LS600hL.  It is also five inches wider than the current LS, and three inches lower.

So clearly a flagship superlimo, with a the sporty new stance to shout coupe coolness.  This is critical to compete with the Tesla Model S and Panamera S e-Hybrids of the world. To date, Fuel Cell is like instant Nyquil — just puts you to sleep. Lexus obviously wants the design and scale of the LF-FC to counteract Hydrogen hybrid malaise.

The FC in the concept’s name stands for Flagship Concept officially, but also neatly signifies Fuel Cell as well. A super-strong Hydrogen powerplant connects directly to the back wheels, while the fronts feature in-hub motors for partial AWD traction. All this is a bit like a performance and luxury-upsized version of the Mirai fuel cell vehicle’s hydrogen drive system.



2015 Lexus LF-FC

Lexus LF-FC Flagship Concept Revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show

October 28, 2015

TOKYO (Oct. 28, 2015) — Taking center stage in the Lexus booth at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Lexus revealed the LF-FC flagship concept, a visionary new vehicle that offers a peek into the design and technology direction of the brand’s future flagship sedan.

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