2016 BMW X1 xDrive28i Arrives in November with Pricing from $35k – Colors + Real-Life Photos


The new X1 is in the wild, but you might not know it from first glance. It is a majorly convincing upgrade from the fairly low-slung and diminutive model. Sure, we loved the way the BMW X1 M Sport handled a track day. But it was quite low-slung and a bit too wagonlike, apparently, for mass consumption. The cab-backward look continues for 2016 in this second-gen model, but the entire visage grows up, out and across.

The new X1 will still carve canyon tarmac, but now looks much more comfortable in rusty trails. The new model is basically a super-chunky xLine look for all North American spec models, as shown here. Just one engine so far in the USA spec — the xDrive28i. This should be joined by many more powertrains over time, including an sDrive choice with just rear-drive, plus mini 2.0-liter 20i and big 35i engine options.

This mono-spec starting point for the all-new X1 means no M Sport yet for this generation. But it will be along in the next year or so.

The similarity to the X3 and X5 in the profile and tail is not exactly repeated up front. At least not in the very-new and very-mod grille, lighting and bumpers. The look is firmly future-BMW, with swoopy yet taut surfaced, fun new creasing, and jumbo center kidneys. Those vertical and large new grilles are quite serious, and give all the next-gen BMW SUVs a 7-series-like look. More body-colored bumper balances the gloss-black insides of the upper and lower grilles, with matte silver details coming as standard.

Pricing is very reasonable, but also takes a leap from the old base prices. $35k is the starting point, with $40k coming up fast. Check out the live configurator links below, plus 75 all-new photos from Copper Canyon, Mexico.

2016 x1 colors

2016 BMW X1 xDrive28i

2016 BMW X1 xDrive28i Copper Canyon, Mexico

2016 BMW X1 Colors


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