Mecum Kissimmee 2016 – 1989 Porsche 962 Miller High Life 24H Daytona-Winner

Mecum Kissimmee 2016 - 1989 Porsche 962 Miller High Life Racer - Derek Bell 24H Daytona-WinnerThe 959 might hold most Porsche glory for taking turbocharging to the next level of performance. But in truth, the turbo racing engine was fine-tuned into a world-beater in the Porsche 962.

This particular example is a racing-winning stunner with a unique Miller livery — shimmery in eighties gold  and green over white with Porsche Andial title sponsorship.

The magesty of the 962 is that it was the ultimate evolution of the wedge race profile. Decked out in ductwork and extra intakes all over the bodywork, the 962 and its open-backed design was optimized for 250-mph-plus runs down the Mulsanne — in a way that the modern LMP1 racers are not. The result is an icon in racing lore — available to the highest bidder in a few months time.

Enjoy these 88 stunning preview photos ahead of the January 2016 Mecum auction in Florida.

1989 Porsche 962 Miller High Life Racer


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