PRIOR DESIGN Ferrari 458 Widebody AeroKit Now Shipping!

PRIOR DESIGN Ferrari 458 Widebody AeroKitPrior Design can make some of the craziest, most-exotic customs look absolutely flawless. Truly factory-fresh in appearance, the Prior Design upgrades are a fabulous treat on any supercar.

But the Ferrari 458 Italia wearing 2.4-inch wider front fenders, an all-new aero tray with LaFerrari-esque single upright, and racing flics all around? A nose to write home about, for some.

Around back, the PD458 makeover is even more extreme: a width stretch of 4.7-inches makes room for giant 21-inch rubber and custom alloys.

The overall impact is stunning — a true racecar for the road.


PRIOR DESIGN Ferrari 458 Widebody AeroKit

We’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new widebody aero-kit for Ferrari Italia F458. Combining elegant, sport & raw racing look, the PD458WB Aero-Kit turns Ferrari Italia into a real monster!

PRIOR-DESIGN PD458WB Widebody Aero-Kit conists of:

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