Updated1 with 50 New Pics – 2015 Nissan GRIPZ Concept Rally Racer

22015 Nissan GRIPZ ConceptThis Nissan GRIPZ Concept is out and stunning!  Bold and sculptural lines take on a new level of layered surfacing, unique spoilers and evolved design themes.

There is good news and not-so-good news to share, however.

The good is that this compact crossover is gorgeous and previews a next generation of Nissan SUVs and crossovers. Everything from the next Frontier to the next Armada may wear designs influenced by the GRIPZ. Nissan calls this new form language ’emotionalgeometry.’

The not-great news is that this concept does not, after all, run a twin-turbo V6 — as we speculated last week. No, no it is not.

It is an extended-range EV with a small gasoline engine serving as power to the batteries. All propulsion is purportedly from the electric motors from a Nissan Leaf. This is sortof the territory explored by the Cadillac ELR. The tech that could not actually recharge the Chevy Volt completely… and required engine assist directly into the drivetrain for big mountain roads.

The power stats are hard to come by, but assuredly not a true Dakar contender on power or go-anywhere range. Alas, even if this is just a styling buck, it looks amazing.

2015 Nissan GRIPZ Conceptgrip z



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