2015 Bugatti Vision GT in 60 Stunning Images – RWD Atmospheric W16 for LeMans 2016?

2015 Bugatti Vision Gran TurismoThe thrill of leading a race is a core Bugatti trait. Along with stratospheric pricing for any Bugatti new or old, the firm has always built itself on being the fastest. The best. The ultimate in automotive engineering, design and haute couture is about to have a new rival.

An in-house rival for the Veyron glory, world records and completed production run. All 450 Veyrons have been configured, customized, personalized and delivered to owners around the world, however.

So what is next?

This concept Vision Gran Turismo debut today in Frankfurt shows the core speed fundamentals underneath the showcar. This is no idle fantasy, no static display only living in pixels.

Nor is it just a reskin of the worlds-best Veyron: dramatic evolution in design and positioning take the Bugatti ethos into the future at mach one.

That future might include racing, something the Veyron never really did. Thanks to its price, weight, AWD and power… the Veyron broke almost every rule in the FIA book. It would need its own bespoke track… about the size of Belgium… in order to stretch its legs.

So what IS this Vision GT if not just a playful design fantasy?

It just might be a rear-drive model set to actually go racing. 2016 LeMans will have the new 2017 Ford GT in the sportscar class for the first time in 48 years… so Bugatti will be in good company making a revival.

Engine? A quad-turbo W16 is a hero among all mankind. But for racing? A flat eight might be nice for center of gravity. Or perhaps even AudiSport LMP1 tech?

Might this be a quad-turbo W8 (or V8?)   Or some form of e-Boosted hypercar?

Bugatti’s official details intentionally let the mind wander, and we love the path. Veyron owners  would gladly snap up a track-only special sharing some of these traits…

In R&D sketch form, the Veyron still runs AWD and am 8.0-liter 16-cylinder engine. But this new evolution could allow a rear-drive version, with perhaps just an endurance-tuned (or less turbocharged) engine. Air induction rules might let this slide onto the Le Sarthe grid.

The possibilities — like the power outputs — of Bugatti in the future have no limits.

We have new photo sets to share!

First are real-life photos of the Bugatti VGT, then LeMans track snaps from in GT6. And lastly, the initial design and engineering sketches, and a few of the talented team making 300MPH+ a reality.

2015 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo – Photo reveal

2015 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo – Gran Turismo LeMans


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