4.0s, 641HP 2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe – 65 New USA Photos + Tech Specs and Color Visualizer

2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe

While the new AMG GT-S is clearly the sportiest supercar in the Merc lineup, and various G-Class SUVs can top the S65’s overall price… this model is the spiritual flagship of Mercedes.

It epitomizes everything Mercedes-Benz aspires to be — the sum of all its learnings as the inventor of the automobile.

As such, a base price of $234k is a cool hundred grand above the quicker and much more exciting GT-S two-door. In addition, the S-Class Coupe packs a gigantic four-seat cabin. The back seat with 43 inches of legroom is limo-large. Only a chopped 10-cubic-foot trunk capacity — and two fewer doors — makes the S-Class Coupe nearly as practical as the sedan.

The S65 Coupe has a variety of special enticements for plutocrats to justify the V12TT versus the also massively posh and fash S550 and S63 Coupes. First and foremost, however, will always be this masterpiece of an engine. Putting out an electronically limited 641 horsepower and the max torque any transmission can take, the S65 majors on surplus power.

The 4.0-second sprint to 60-mph is a few tenths off the S63 AMG Coupe, which comes with standard 4MATIC this year in the US.

But rear-drive purity is an asset for the S65. These drivers will have a fleet of other snow-capable vehicles to choose from in rainy or snowy days. So the rear-drive purity and control will appeal to these global power brokers.

The rear-drive nature of the beast will make put the S65 on top in overall top-end pace — with a theoretical Vmax more than 15-mph faster than the S63. While both are limited to 155-mph or 186-mph (depending on equipment), a full-throttle autobahn blast will ram those limits and still be charging ahead. In the right scneario with tires rates to 200-mph plus, the S65 could hit 220-mph versus the S63’s 205-mph top out. Those bragging rights are important among this target market. s-class colors

The S65 AMG Coupe is as gorgeous as any of the new generation of super-coupes — and perhaps even more so. The car wears exclusive silver mesh intake liners throughout the nose, numerous aero flics to direct air where needed, and a connected block of quad rectangular exhaust pipes.

A carbon-fiber exterior package swaps the mirror caps, side sills, rear diffuser and nose details to CF. The S63 AMG Coupe’s details can also be selected in gloss black — a rare no-charge upgrade in a land of excess.

We like the carbon fiber pack for its up-close intricacy but also its affect on the overall proportions of the car. At speed, we can see the darker CF sills really help lighten and sportify the mid-section of the S65 Coupe.

S65 AMG Carbon pack

Other performance and style options are actually remarkably few, and remarkably affordable in the grand scheme of things.

We added the $9k carbon brake option, one of the matte-finish Designo exterior colors, and some dark and moody alloys to complete the look. The colors are suitably high-brow — with an Armani-style palette so refined, each could be made into a dapper three-piece suit. Even the brightest blues and greens are dark, moody and almost black in appearance in the shade. Sunlight makes the colors pop more, but only ever-so-slightly.

Sunlight is also a button-push away with the Magic Sky electro-chromatic moonroof option — swapping from opaque to clear or tinted glass in seconds.

Among the dark paint options lineup, there are nearly a half-dozen actual noir shades among which to choose.

Like every inch of the Mercedes-Benz flagship vehicle, the five varieties of black paint epitomize “The Best. Or Nothing.”

A loaded price of $260k ensures the S65 AMG Coupe will be a rare sight. But when spotted in the wild, you can be sure this thing will be lording over all other traffic with its omnipotence.

The most lavish S-Class Coupe in decades will be joined by a ragtop variant for 2017 — but the S65 Coupe will always be hard to top, even by its cashmere-hooded sibling.

Enjoy the full configurator guide, 65 new USA photos and tech specs of this MB Star below.

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S65 Configurator Link

2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe – WHEELS

S65 AMG Coupe wheels

2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe – Carbon Fiber Exterior Pack

S65 AMG Carbon pack

2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe – COLORSS65 AMG Coupe COLORS







Key Features

The 2016 AMG S65 Coupe
MSRP $234,050*
Passenger capacity
Trunk capacity
10.4 cu ft
Transmission type
Handcrafted 6.0L AMG biturbo V-12
621 hp @ 4,800-5,400 rpm
Acceleration, 0-60 mph
4.0 sec
City fuel economy
13 mpg
Highway fuel economy
20 mpg

Interior Dimensions


39.7 in
41.4 in
Shoulder room
59.7 in


39.2 in
43.0 in
Shoulder room
59.1 in
Trunk capacity
10.4 cu ft

2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe USA


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