2016 Honda Accord SPORT in 120 New Pics + Animated CarPlay and Android Auto Demos

Updated 8.11.152016 Honda Accord Sport

The Accord Sport is where it’s at for anyone who loves driving. The Sport trim level adds the Coupe’s suspension tune and powertrain tweaks to the standard bodystyle with impressive results.

We have a mega pack of new photos to share, primarily of this fire-engine-red Accord Sport cruising around some scenic mountain roads. On this mid-priced example, the lack of the new LED lamps on the loaded Touring line speaks to the low entry prices of the Sport overall.

Versus the much more luxury-focused other variants, the Sport is by far the most entertaining steer. The Sport appears to be a four-cylinder exclusive this year, between the LX and EX. Much of this tuning and style also appears on the V6 Touring at the top of the line.

Even without those premium new LED low and highbeams (which are a Touring exclusive), the Accord Sport wears much more unique style than before and packs standard 19-inch wheels and LED fogs. 2015-08-11_104259The Coupe-derived shape of the nose looks sharp with a sculpted, Aston-like curved bumper edge a favorite detail.

Useful helpful and easy-to-master cabin tech is one of the major changes inside all Accords for 2016: as shown by these animated demonstrations of the new Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrations.


2016 Accord New Features2015-08-11_150128

2016 Honda Accord Sedan Touring

2016 Honda Accord Sedan Touring

2016 Honda Accord Sedan Touring

2016 Honda Accord Sedan Touring

2016 Honda Accord Sedan Touring

2016 Honda Accord Sedan Touring

2016 Honda Accord – Apple CarPlay – Animated Demonstration2016 Honda Accord Sport - APPLE CARPLAY Demo

2016 Honda Accord – Android Auto – Animated Demonstration

2016 Honda Accord Sport - ANDROID AUTO Demo

2016 Honda Accord Sport


The 2016 Accord refresh is out and looking fantastic!

Shown here on the loaded V6 Touring trim, the 2016 Accord is quite a looker with its new 19-inch alloys, standard LED taillights and a very fresh face up front. Packing LED foglights and LED DRLs on Sport or Touring trims, these special Acura-like lighting designs will really set the loaded Accord apart on the roads.

The Touring flagship trim is now available on the Coupe, which also packs LED headlamps for the first time.

The engines specs are not yet out, but the 2.4-liter four-cylinder and 3.5-liter V6 are set to deliver more more power and quicker sprint times — likely down to around 5.7-seconds to 60-mph. If that time proves true, the Accord V6 will be the quickest mid-size sedan and coupe on the market — just slightly quicker than the 5.9s Malibu Turbo and 5.8s Chrysler 200C V6.

Honda Accord 2016

The tweaks to the Accord come just in time to keep fresh and share style with the upcoming 10th-generation Civic coming this Fall as a 2016 model, as well as upping the Accord’s competitiveness in the top plateau of the mid-size sales mountain. Even without the sexy dark wheels and LED headlights, the 2016 Accord and its more defined, chiseled face should cut a nice silhouette on the roads.

Extra competition from the refreshed Camry and Mazda6 are not lost on Honda — which has also updated the cabin of all 2016 Accords.

New tech includes a standard 7-inch display audio touchscreen for EX trims and above, and the integration of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as shown below. Honda claims this is the first application of both systems in one car, but they are mistaken. This double-threat of wireless mobile apps, maps and media integration is currently available on the Hyundai Sonata and a few others, too.

No word yet on pricing, or the presence of the Accord Hybrid in the new range. Watch this space for all the latest updates ahead of the 2016 Accord’s expected showroom arrival the first week of October.


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