2015 VUHL 05 Carbon Track Racer – Full Specs, Pricing and Configurator Details

VUHL 05A refreshed VUHL 05 is now available for global trackday aces with pricing from around $100k for this cross between a Lotus and Radical.

The UK sportscar industry is not only an inspiration for this trackday special, but also a target for its dual-use configuration. VUHL hopes to have certification for English roads in the near future. But even though road and track are both viable in a VUHL… one is far more heavily emphasized.2015 VUHL 05 Photos 66



2015 VUHL 8

A completely smooth underbody is race-ready, as is the doorless racing frame below the skin.

You can guess how fast the 3.7-second VUHL is on a racetrack thanks to its Michelin slicks and snorting turbocharged engine. The mid-engine layout delivers 285HP and 310 pound-feet of torque, which runs through six-speed manual to the back wheels. Top speed is quoted at 152-mph, largely due to gearing and the lack of a full windshield.

The latest updates to the VUHL help make it feel as special outside as a McLaren — with an 11-piece carbon fiber body upgrade a $10k option. The full suite of track-day kit is available from VUHL — right down to a branded helmet. The cabin has a nicely industrial feel — with a mix of simple aerospace toggle switches and bespoke milled-alloy details like the ignition key.

The configurator is live over at VUHL’s website, showing three slinky colors of white, matte silver or jet black.

 2015 VUHL 05




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