PRIOR-DESIGN PD6XX Widebody for BMW 650i and M6 Will Scare Friends/Neighbors

PRIOR-DESIGN PD6XX Widebody BMW 650i and M6The goal of a really outrageous bodykit and aero upgrade should include terrifying small children and worrying neighbors. On that count the Prior Design BMW 6 series definitely delivers!

Few Bimmers outside or GT6 or DTM look this ridiculously macho and testosterone-rich.

The duraflex/fiberglass kit is quite comprehensive – with numerous pieces sold together or a la carte listed below. Not making each piece from CF custs the cost of the kit down 80-percent, we’d estimate. It also means the panels are somewhat flexible and pliable. This will save much heartache over high speedbumps!

While the demo car is the 2014 model, we believe that this kit will fit the new-LED current 6 series.


PRIOR-DESIGN PD6XX Widebody BMW 650i and M6



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