NOVITEC ROSSO N Largo Is Man-Eating California T Widebody

Ferrari California T N Largo by NOVITEC ROSSO

The only sweeter words than Novitec Rosso for a custom Ferrari?

N Largo!

A designation that turns any production supercar into a muscle-bound autobahn monster, N Largo designation is now bestowed on the 2015 Ferrari California T.

Dramatic new designs for the nose and widebody wings all around create a vehicle with all the visual intensity you could dream of for the droptop Ferrari supercar.

Just compare the N Largo with Novitec Rosso’s other Cali T to see how cool the widebody is.Cali T turntable

Performance upgrades take the sprint pace of the Novitec Cali T down to just 3.3-seconds, with the full upgrade catalog detailed on the second page of this post.

The N Largo upgrade seems like a must-have, though. It turns the vaguely effeminate California T design into a a terrifying, man-eating beast of a car. Love it.

Ferrari California T N Largo by NOVITEC ROSSO


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