2015 Honda Civic Type R – European Launch Gallery in 104 Gorgeous Photos

 2015 Euro Honda Civic Type R

Are you sitting down?

Get ready to be absolutely floored with adrenaline via the all-new 2015 Honda Civic Type R’s intense design and visual fury at speed. On sale now in European markets, this is not a total ****tease for US and global Honda fans.

The turbocharged engine under the hood of this Euro-exclusive Civic Type R is just the first salvo for Honda’s resurgent performance. Honda of America is visibly excited about turbo power energizing its upcoming range.

Davis Adams of Honda PR is freshly home from the Slovakia track launch of the 2015 Euro Type R, and was gracious enough to share this stunning photo set with us.

“We’re very excited about the introduction of turbos to the Honda Civic lineup, starting with the 1.5T that will be found in the sedan to go on sale this fall, and the coupe later in the winter. (The) 10th-Gen (US-market) Civic is the sportiest in brand history.”

Until then, however, we can only lick our lips with anticipation! The Euro-market Civic Type R sets the perfect tone for Honda’s turbocharged performance renaissance.

We have reason to hope for the best. Imagine a Gen-10 Civic Concept design paired the Euro Type R’s 167-mph top speed….!

2015 Honda Civic Type R (European Market)

 2015 Honda Civic Type R European Dynamic Launch 12 2015 Honda Civic Type R European Dynamic Launch 15


The 2015 Euro Honda Civic Type R is official!

This is it ladies and gentleman — the hottest-ever Honda road car since the original NSX.

And it is about time!  Honda is relaunching the NSX as a 2016 model with turbo power, and the latest McLaren-Honda F1 car is also packing forced-induction for 2015.

It all really comes together on this new Type R Civic, however. Very exciting performance stats are just the opening salvo — the real track joy will come from its incredibly tossable and tight-handling chassis tune.

2015 Honda Civic Type R


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